What part of the bible makes no sense to you?

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  • Dansk
    One of the most disturbing for me..is the story where our loving father Jah..told abraham to sacrafice his son Isaac.

    And we're told God can read hearts! So why put Abraham, who was old and packed a pacemaker, through all of that!


  • Qcmbr

    Since God gave Abraham a great covenant - that the world would be blessed through his children, including the birth of Jesus and as God talked directly to Abraham it is possible that Abraham had to pass a test far greater than our own personal tests. Of all scriptural people only Abraham is recorded as being in the same position as God the Father - to have to sacrifice his son - and of course God did not make him go through with it. Abraham (and Isaac!)now knew what God would have to go through. I find God very human and I can only think how lonely it would be to go through such trials alone - having your friend and prophet understand you with a shared experience will have bonded Abraham, Isaac, God and Jesus in a way we cannot approximate. If we view this life as a personalised test , a place for each of us to learn what we need to rather than a set of rigid laws then we can see how Abraham gets a specific commandment that goes against the clear desire of God to preserve life. We can also see how each people, each person can receive different 'commandments' and yet all be judged equally. The real answer to this test and it's effects would need to come from Abraham himself.

    I wouldn't pass this test but nor would I get to have the covenant that my children would bless the entire world.

  • Gill

    Blessed the World? When exactly did Abe's offspring bless the world?

    If you're talking about a Jesus, well that's open to debate, and if you study history you'll find out that was a made up story by emperor constantine trying to keep the Roman empire on track.

    If you're talking about Israel, I'd say they're about on par with any other nation, neither causing a blessing or a curse on the Earth.

  • Qcmbr

    Hi Gill - if you don't accept Jesus then I'm pretty much out arguments :)

  • Gill

    Qcmbr - Begin to study history. Then come back and tell me what you found out about 'Jesus.'

    Then, you will be in a far better position to decide for yourself.

    I'll give you one little gem of information I found recently on the dead sea scrolls. That wonderful 'Sermon on the Mount', well it was written possibly a thousand years before 'Jesus' walked the Earth.

    Start studying Qcmbr - before it's too late and you run out of 'life time' to discover what kind of fraud we've all laboured under.

    A few topics you might like to study:

    Constantine ( and his bloody mother!)

    The Dead Sea Scrolls

    The Holy Roman Empire


    The Free Masons

    The knights Templar

    Pre History

    Plate tectonics

    The list is endless but they all lead on and on into a tangled web of deceit.

    Time to wriggle free.

  • Qcmbr

    Well I appreciate your desire for me to be free - it's certainly one common denominator for all people here - we all want to be free from something. I've found some cool stuff myself (i.e. parts of Proverbs being copied from the Egyptian Book Of Instruction http://www.christian-thinktank.com/aecb.html) I am not quite as dogmatic as it may seem from my posts - I don't consider the bible inerrant and I don't deify it. I'm interested in anything that explodes long held erroneous beliefs however, I do have one area of belief that makes me very biased to the facts and I hope I make it clear that I'm not objective in my interpretations - that is that I believe I had a spiritual experience that for me is proof enough that God lives. This means I have to interpret facts through that starting point which means I normally end up on the opposite sides of certainly secular debates - it certainly makes for a cool intellectual challenge trying not to claim too much garbage and paint myself into impossible arguments (for example If I then extrapolated a six day literal creation period I'd be stuffed) and I'm fairly happy that on most areas I can square the observed facts without compromising my theological standpoint. I also like the challenge of seeing if something is actually defensible. At the end of the day I think we all want truth but then again there is a strong desire just to be seen to be right which may cloud judgment.

  • Gill

    Qcmbr - No way have you done your studying that fast!

    Tell me again in about four years time. It takes time to study, study, study and study again.

    And don't believe anything that any one tells you, including me if you like. Get studying! Life's too short to be a mug!


  • lowden

    QMBTRAHGS, sorry can't remember your acronym?!?!?

    I'm afraid i find myself strongly agreeing with Gill here.

    Read girl...READ!!

    By the way, Jesus is just as bad as his genocidal sicko father!!

    Jesus promises to return as the Son of Man to destroy the baaaad people AGAAAIN as god's executioner. Right!

    Y'know, "as in the days of Noah, so the presence of the SON OF MAN will be. Innocent people (children and babies) apparently died back then in the flood and would do so again at the hands of Jesus and his heavenly armies.

    LISTEN QMBthingymujig, NOBODY has any excuse to kill an innocent child or baby!!!!!!!!!!

    Jesus is NOT the loving, fluffy person you think.

    "Worship me.....or i'll kick the SHIT out of you!!!!!!!

    Hmmm...Nice guy, huh??



  • daniel-p
    What part of the bible makes no sense to you?

    The part between the front cover and the back.

  • Qcmbr


    When did you leave the JWs? Was it study that got you out? Did you ever have something you thought was a spiritual experience?

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