What part of the bible makes no sense to you?

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  • tijkmo

    the prodigal son

  • Gill

    Oh Dansk! That's sweet. I would Love to come to the Apostacurry but, at present it will not be possible to do that. Even the kids have been moaning to go and this year they wanted to go to Enlgishman's Barbeque, but we were on holiday at the other end of the country.

  • Qcmbr

    Katie - sex was considered marriage in Israelite times we still have that law now - if you do not consumate your marriage within a year you can claim an annulment. This explains why women's chastity was so protected in the Israelite time. You can see why women would cling to the brothers and father in her family for protection in ancient times and why families would sometimes go to extreme lengths to avenge the rape of their 'own'.

    If you read the law it says that the woman would be stoned if she aquised. The man get's stoned as well. If the woman is raped outside the city then only the man is stoned.

  • Gill

    QCMBR -Errrrr! I hate to disagree with you that women thought their menfolk would protect them

    Two examples! That total shit head Lot, wished to throw his virgin daughters out to a mob to do whatever they wanted with.

    Another shit head through his concubine to a mob just so that they wouldn't hurt him.

    Now where's this wonderful protection women are supposed to be getting from their wonderful Jewish, polygmaist idiot male relatives.

  • Dansk
    If you read the law it says that the woman would be stoned if she aquised. The man get's stoned as well.

    They got drunk?!

    Well, stone me!


  • Qcmbr

    Gill - are you honestly saying that what Lot did was the sum and total of Israelite cultural attitude towards women? I suspect that Lot, as an individual, made a decision that you and I and most Israelite father's would not have done. I think it is unfair to claim the actions of one man speak for the entire culture. The actions of his daughters after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah should also not be used to advocate the idea that all Israelite women were so crazy about having babies that they'd sleep with their father - I hope you'll agree.

  • Dansk


    The fact is, the scripture mentioning Lot's having sex with his daughters is put in the OT as if God approved of the action, i.e. the women had no men to have children with so they could have a good bonk with daddy. Some doing with a three and a half inch floppy which isn't acceptable to anything other than a computer!

    Sheesh! It amazes me anyone can believe that Bible tripe!


  • lisavegas420

    One of the most disturbing for me..is the story where our loving father Jah..told abraham to sacrafice his son Isaac...makes me sick...


  • stillajwexelder

    he sends an angel that kills 185000 Assyrians in one night - yet he tells Joshua Cannanites are bad - wipe them out - when he could have just sent a few angels and done the job a whole lot better

  • james_woods

    Lisavegas - I agree with your point on the "child sacrifice" completely. And, the sickest part of it all was that he actually had to make the attempt to go through with it in order to prove his faith for God!

    Any right-thinking father would have immediately said not only NO, but HELL NO! We have a woman here in Texas on death row for murdering her two young boys with a knife.

    I also think the story of David and Baathsheeba is particularly greedy and gruesome; especially when you consider that David & Baathsheeba (the real perps in this little drama) really got off scot-free.

    Then of course, there is the issue of Solomon's wives - (as well as the queen of Sheba flingie) - Job, and one of my all-time unfair favorites - the cheating of Esau out of his birthright by outright fraud.

    All in God's name, of course.

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