Who knows me?

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    BTW, Twitch......................Happy Birthday to you.

    Thx Delilah. :-)

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    These statements at the beginning of this thread are what need addressing:

    agapa37Who knows me?
    agapa37Re: Re: Who knows me?

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    agapa37Re: Re: Who knows me?
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    Well I havent been here technically but have been here through a friend....Hes been on here and left and I took over

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    MidwichCuckooRe: Who knows me?
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    So you used someone else's account then created your own?
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    agapa37Re: Who knows me?
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    usa ive been here before

    Were these lies? Is so, why?

    If not, then who?

    Could you please answer this directly.

  • wozadummy

    Wow this is like one of those cosy interrogations meetings in the back room.

  • okie46

    I wondered if it was a different person, but missed that post Ozzie, the first Agapa sounded like a woman and communicated more in depth and spelled better. Then after this thread was started, I noticed that Agapa worded things different and mispelled many words, Agapa also mentioned lowering seat on the toilet and sitting instead of standing, which leads me to think the new Agapa is male.

    Well Agapa???

  • jgnat

    Well, he could just be a sensitive guy. I've known a few at the hall.

  • Swamboozled

    funny you say that...I thought agape was a female also. I couldn't remember what gave me that impression but I was suprised when someone referred to him/her as he. or ?????

  • jgnat

    Maybe it was the initial "goshdarnit I don't know how to operate this little old computer", along with the blissful moniker, that gave that first impression.

    I can relate. I was mistaken for a male for the longest time.

  • ozziepost
    Wow this is like one of those cosy interrogations meetings in the back room.

    Yep, it does! I'm not happy with that but please remember that people here are looking for some respite from the Borg and we're not about to let them get taken for a ride. On the other hand, posters who are sincere receive a great deal of support when needed e.g. defd did for a while even though we may personally not have agreed with his position. Let us see how agapa responds. After all, his/her thread invites us to know more.

  • stevenyc

    Okay Guys,

    I have to confess.

    It me!

    Yeah I know, you can't believe it, but it's true.

    I'm a sad individual with no self respect, and an ego of minus twelve. I just needed some personal justification of id.

    Who'd of thought eh?


  • ozziepost

    I'm bumping this as I think this is aboiut the time of day when agapa looks in. Wouldn't want it being missed.

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