How many 'real" friends did you ever really have in ther "truth'

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  • thepackage

    Two. I've known one since I was very young (he stop going to meeting a few years and we agree about the fake WTS) and another who is an Elder and while he agrees with me 75% of the time regarding the WTS but, his social and family life revolves around the Dub's. Funny thing is about this Elder is that when he and I are in alone he is very negitive about the WTS and the fake people in the Cong's however, he would never leave.

  • parakeet

    One. She left the JWs at the same time I did, though for a different reason. We've been friends for almost 40 years. She's one in a million, a true "sister."

  • 30girl

    If you had asked this question two months ago, I would have said only one - my unbelievable husband of 14 years (you rock, Jim!) but now, about a month ago a girlfriend I used to have in the borg (before she and her husband left) recently called to see if the rumors she heard that we were “out” were in fact true?? Now we have 4 more friends that we used to have as witnesses but now we will be much better friends because we’re not trying to out do each other or, in my case, be the best little witness ever!

  • serendipity

    Last JW friend I had, I lost when I was df'd.

  • free2beme

    I thought there was about four and then when I left, I learned it was one and that person is still a good friend and in the last couple of years has left the religion too.

  • lonelysheep


  • moshe

    Never had any JW bro that I was close to- a handshake was as close as I got to any of them. I guess that made it easier to leave the KH.

  • misspeaches

    Well there is my best friend who posts here as well. He goes by the name of Chuckie and has a rugrat as his avatar. He was a real friend and still is.

    I had some amazing friends in the 'truth'. We were so close. I loved them dearly and feel confident that it was reciprocated equally. When I started fading I didn't want to put them in an uncomfortable position so I cut my ties. I know it would cause them immense guilt to associate with me on a social level when I wasn't attending meetings or going witnessing.

    Had I not cut my ties and tried to maintain the relationships would they have been there? I can't say. My gut tells me no. They haven't made efforts to keep contact with me, even if to invite me to the memorial. Sad but true.

    I still grieve for the friendships I lost with those people. I am still searching for friends like that.

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    I had two girlfriends, one I met in the late 1960's, the other 1972.

    They did not make it out alive, whole.

    I'd give my right arm to have them back the way we were, the WT destroyed them. They had both been in from birth.

    Joanna had long red hair, a silly grin, fair skin.. we endured elementary school torments as dub kids together. We were the minority of the minority.

    the other friend was truly a beauty with an engaging sense of humor, we had so much fun together. It was so odd though, we would go door to door one day, and then make fun of some of the stuff going on the next.

    She seen demons when we were little...monsters..heard things that were not there..she would throw up a lot..I did not know what anorexia was until I developed my own eating disorders later.

    She could sing too ..she had an amazing voice. I always in awe of her talent and beauty.

    Terrible things happened to us....there was no normal...she lost her mind in the end.

    I miss her

  • Satanus

    I had a few. Not that they would be ok w me apostatising. But what do you expect from a jw?


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