Kingdom News 37 sneek preview

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  • Dagney

    WOW! Thanks for sharing that! You guys are awesome. It's really fun to tell your JW friends you've already seen it or heard the information before they receive their own KM. I just love that.

    What a load of c**p. I think many of my friends are dreading this campaign, doubt if they will tell me that though. This subject was chosen probably as a lead in to the study of the Revelation book. (Goodness...I'm remembering those countless Awake covers with the pope or pictures of churches on the cover...presenting them at the door as a kid. Shiver)

    I actually think tract campaigns were good, aside from the guilt and pressure of the procedure in implementing it. I used to carry an extra nice little KN (I thought at the time anyway), that talked about world conditions and focused on a Bible study. I thought it was a good short and sweet handout at the opposed to the magazines with articles like "Your Servant the Pencil" or " it right for you?" LOL

    But this KN is an embarrassment to the WBTS. Couldn't happen to a nicer corporation, IMHO. Glad I have nothing to do with it.

  • lesterd

    How do I download, or view from that site? I want to see it!!!

  • Ade

    Zephaniah 2:2,3

    "all ye meek of the earth", as regards Israel, in those days Ethiopia/Egypt was the "ends of the earth" and infinite ( Nahum 3:9 )

    verse 3: 11 there also follows a picture of a purified Israel, which points only to Israel "thy doings where thy has transgressed against me " how could we have transgressed against God when we had no agreement with him ??

    verse 3:12 "i will leave in the midst of thee an afflicted and poor people" - please ask them to explain how the WTBTS is "afflicted and poor " ??

    The book of Zephaniah ends with a picture of the redeemed people with presence of Jehovah in their midst - AT THAT TIME 3:14-20
    "I will make you a name and a praise among all the people of the earth" again end of the earth = Ethiopia/Egypt, and there is no reason i can see to use these verses prophetically as God is speaking of bringing them back from their captivity and being with a new remnant FROM that time, not some mysterious date only known to a few mentally deranged people with calculators who sit trying to calculate christs return from pyramid tunnel lengths.

    Again to my mind a complete misrepresentation of scripture to support a load of old man made fantasy , i hope someone tries to offer me one of these tracts i'll swiftly give them an apostate lecture .
    God bless you all

  • VM44

    The jpeg images have been removed from the hosting site!

    They were not up there very long.

    Good thing Elsewhere posted the link to the PDF version of the tract!


  • NK20

    Thanks so much for posting the jpgs first and then someone else posting the pdf!! I had to do an assignment for a critical discourse analysis class (with Ruth Wodak--Lancaster University UK). I wanted to do it on persuasive discourse and immediately thought of the JWs (I was raised in the religion .. yes it is for sure a cult as you all know. I left physically when I was 18 --almost 30 years ago--.. left mentally when I was about 10 :) ANYWAY! That brochure was PERFECT. It took me all day to find something (the stuff on the official jw website is very milquetoastish). I read about Bergman's persuasive language framework of YES SET, TRUISMS and SUGGESTION in Grundy's piece titled Fear and Mind from here: It seems that the author(s) of that JW thing must have read the same article because it fits the framework perfectly. Made my paper easy and entertaining to write. :) I've really enjoyed reading all of your amusing and interesting comments. I've laughed out loud several times. I love the "End of the Watchtower" cover ... that's EXCELLENT!!! I really want a tee shirt with that. :)) Besides all the glaring bullshit in the brochure, one thing I found particularly entertaining (besides the "mixing in politics, immorality/sexual abuse, and keeping families together") was the quote from the book called _Holocaust Politics_. Isn't it just a little ironic that a document talking about the anhilation of all other religions and their members except one and its members should even cite something about the Holocaust? I don't know how the author(s) could keep a straight face while they were writing it.

  • serendipity

    HI nk20 & welcome!

  • NK20

    "God is speaking of bringing them back from their captivity and being with a new remnant FROM that time, not some mysterious date only known to a few mentally deranged people with calculators who sit trying to calculate christs return from pyramid tunnel lengths." HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA god, that's tooooo funny HAHAHHAHAHAHHA. And yeah, I wondered the same thing. What possible relevance could a 1000+ year old document have to a sentence preceeding it which says the end is near....near as in another 1000 or 2000 years?

  • NK20

    Thanks for the welcome, Serendipity. :) ... There is almost nothing I enjoy more than laughing at the jws. ...perhaps I should say the organization specifically .. I just feel sorry for most of the members. Of course it's their own lazy, ignorant, or easily manipulated faults for being in the religion in the first place. imo.

  • hamsterbait

    This looks just like a colorized version of a tract I handed out in the 70's. Even down to the corny forked lightning.

    Yet again, a rehashed rehash of reinterpreted reinterpretations.

    HB (not "Holding my Breath" class)

  • headmath

    From the JW grape vine I have heard that in 1975 there was a similar large tract campaign. Just a rehash of scare tactics to bolster membership. What other gags are there?

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