Kingdom News 37 sneek preview

by Midget-Sasquatch 73 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Anitar

    Notice how they apply a picture to a paragraph, implying that all Catholic priests are like this, and that they are somehow are going to spill the beans on everyone else.

    This is so ridiclous it makes me laugh. I expected nothing more, but somebody already pointed out that certain organizations they traditionally point the finger to are mysteriously absent. It sounds like they're quietly phasing out the whole UN scarlet beastie thing.

    These homophobic hypocrites are only interested in covering their own war-mongering, sexually deviant "governing body." They want to bring up "sexual immorality"? For an organizaton who hates gay people, they sure keep some strange company. I'll give two words:


    Enough said. I'm sure the mention of that man's name will send many on this forum running for their barf bags

    Mike, good to hear you again. You always make me think of something I never thought of before. As for any gay people reading this, JW or not, don't listen to the Watchtower, for they are not even worthy of the vomit to which the dog has returned.

    Peace everyone,

  • Jringe01

    What big announcement would that be I wonder? Anyone have a clue as to what it could be?

  • SirNose586

    Wow, I'm really motivated not to care about this. Where's the armageddon pictures? C'mon! It doesn't feel right if there isn't somebody with moustache and sideburns being tossed into a yawning chasm!

  • Jringe01

    What's this about Leo? :-) I haven't heard that one yet

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once


    I'll be damned, I finally got this photo posting to work!!!!!

    How about that for a teeshirt?


  • jgnat
    "Farce Religion"

    LOL, I love it. Heck, we could build an entire spoof brochure. With your artwork wasanelder, and scully's asides, we'd have a great piece of work.

  • luna2

    Same old message, same old illustrations, same old turning a blind eye to their own heinous acts (which they shamlessly ascribe to other, "false", religion), same old WTS propaganda.

    I felt shame when I looked at the cover of that embarassing piece of junk remembering too many times in the past when I was out there peddling their poisonous falsehoods, blithely ignorant of what sort of religion cult I was slaving for. Fortunately, most people read that stuff (if they read it) and laugh...or feel sorry for...the blind fools pathetically trotting around town like they're on some big mission for god.

    Thanks for posting, Midget-Sas.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    you have to just love the boys in writing. Them boys got some lobes to be still putting out this BS despite all the evidence it continues to heap upon them as a false religion themselves. I know that most of the R&F dont know about the UN thing or malawi or...take your pick, but most of the things they have been doing in the past 6 months just screem 'hey look at us we're full of sh*!.

  • Hondo

    This is incredible stuff!!. I have never been a JW (I lost my wife to them after 20 years of marriage and have read quite a bit about the WTBTS/JW organization to try to understand the mindset of this destructive cult), but browsing through and reading the links makes me sick. I don't mean to sound irreverant towards anyone on this board who use to be a JW, and has since escaped, but how could/can anyone ever believe in this trash? Is/was it the constant indoctrination (all the meetings, etc.)? I have found that even though I've read a "ton" of material on the WTBTS/JW's, and try to put myself in their shoes (I have attended KH twice to get a feel for what goes on at these places. Extremely boring), I can't say that I know what it's like to be a JW. It seems that unless someone has "been there, done that," no amount of book reading will qualify someone who has never been "indoctrinated" in WTBTS cultish practices to understand what it is like to be one.

  • Finally-Free
    The U.N. bureaucrats probably just snicker in amusement at the WTS. Sort of the way most people view a mentally ill homeless guy who just urinated on himself.

    I suspect the mentally ill homeless guy would be insulted by your comparing him to the Watchtower.


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