Kingdom News 37 sneek preview

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Do you remember the last SPecial Tract ? I remember the hype after it's release so many thought wow this is such a blunt tract maybe the Great T will really get rolling now . Yeah, like people are really going to start shaking in their boots over a tract stuck in their door by some religious fanatics ! Also remember how it was geared to get a fire under the weak and inactive to once again fear the eminent doom of the end .

  • karen96

    SSDD (Same Sh*t, Different Day).

  • tijkmo

    back page...well 1-ish out of 4 aint bad

    but is it enough

  • LongHairGal

    How is it they do not see that they are in part also false religion?

    Is it because they have the magic name Jehovah? THEY took this name. HE didn't bestow it on them.

    They must reason that because he hasn't reached out of the sky to strike them down for their errors that they are okay.


  • daniel-p

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this in the last few pages, but... did anyone else but me think that picture of the soldier looks suspiciously like Mel Gibson's mug from We Were Soldiers? (horrible movie btw.. don't even waste your money on it).

  • mama1119

    Wow. Aren't those the same graphics they have been using for the past 20 years in all the scary stuff they pass out???

  • daniel-p
    Aren't those the same graphics they have been using for the past 20 years in all the scary stuff they pass out???

    Yes. Pathetic, isn't it? I guess they prefer to spend their money on legal fees than an artist coming up with new renditions of Bablyon teh Great, or "Man Being Mugged Whilst The Earth Is Being Destroyed Behind Him" paintings.

  • Bstndance

    Maybe I'm blind and didn't see the. When do they get this? I'm flying home this w/e to visit my JW mom. I'd love to leave it with her when I leave. HAHAHA!!

  • undercover
    Instead of teaching "tradition" and "commands of men as doctrines", true religion bases its doctrine on God's Word. the Bible.

    You'll never be able to convince a JW of this, but most of what JWs believe and practice are traditions and commands of men and can't be supported solely by scripture.

    While certain 'doctrines' can be supported by scripture (though not without question or debate), the vast majority of their day to day "worship" is based on tradition and policies as set out by the GB.

    Women, wear a skirt whose length is higher than your knee to meetings. Men, grow a beard. Smoke a cigar. Watch an R-rated movie. Listen to heavy metal, rap or hip-hop. Go to a disco or club. Assosciate on a regular basis with non-JWs. Skip meetings on purpose and for the hell of it. Don't go in service. Go to college. Get a good job that requires travel or missing meetings.

    None of these areas are covered by Scripture, but if you go against the tradition and commands, you will find yourself being counseled by the elders. One might argue that these are small things and to a true Christian shouldn't be important, but the fact is that the WTS claims to be the true religion and that it relies only on the Bible for its doctrines and practices. That's a lie.

    Ask anyone who has been a JW and tried to follow the "rules" and they can tell you all of the little things that was controlled by the congregations, elders or even other JWs.

    JWs like to think they're different from other religions because they have plain buildings and no fancy garb, but JW traditions are just as important to them as the traditions of other religions are to them.

    Without tradition, the WTS would have a harder time keeping JWs in line. By promoting their traditions, but slyly never calling them that, they keep more control on the members, keeping them busy in the "Kingdom Work" so they don't have time to think that they're being taken advantage of.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    In four pages they successfully condemn themselves and add mt rhetoric that will entice some to join in no doubt.

    Would this qualify as the sh*t calling the fart nasty?


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