How Did You Choose Your Alias?

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  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom

    Alligator Wisdom (A play on words)

    An alligator's brain is about the size of a human thumb. But would you mess with an alligator?

    Yes, I may not be smart...but I'm always learning.

    Alligator Wisdom (aka Brother NOT Exerting Vigorously by WTS standards)

  • bikerchic

    Mine was given to me by some cycling buddies I trained with them for the Aids ride back in 2000. They did the ride I just poked along the training rides for the fun of it. We told stories along the trail and they liked mine about my decision to either get a Harley or a custom built bicycle.

    Being the hill slug I am the standard joke as they were all passing me on the hills was "betcha wish you had gotten a Harley now bikerchic!" The nic stuck, the guys rocked we had a blast and did a lot more rides together even after the event was over, fun times!

  • GermanXJW

    I started as an JW-apologetic "GermanJW", defending the JW belief.

    After some years, I had to ask Simon to put the 'X' into the name.

  • Forscher

    The one I first tried was already taken.
    So I decided to use the closest one I could find in German. My dictionary defines "forscher" as follows, "investigator, explorer." That is what I am up to at this stage of my life. I've left one destructive organization behind and am try to figure out what to replace it with.

  • The Mayor of Turiwhate
    The Mayor of Turiwhate

    Mine is a geographical pointer (within 40 km, anyway).

    There is also a large measure of sarcasm in it:

    - While there is a locality known as "Turiwhate", it would need a finely detailed map (inch to the mile scale) to find it.

    - With just four houses spread along 5 kilometres of the main highway, the place certainly does not have a Town Council - let alone a mayor!

  • aquagirl

    I live in the ocean and rescue drowning kids and stuff..sometimes i mess w/radar on warships and save whole countries..on land i am a regular joey ramone worshipping,incense burning sinner,but in the sea...i am AQUAGIRL!!!!!!!

  • bem

    Well Aquagirl Whatever works for you hun

    I searched one day read for about half an hour had to shut the computer off I had just gotten my first computer and had only had internet service for a couple days and I got brave enough to Google the words Jehovahs witness. Found jwd and my ex husband came home at that time so I had to shut down the computer. Next day it took a while to find jwd again, I didn't know about book marking at the time.

    I was really interested if finding a friend that I heard had been df'd and I was sure this would be the place to find her.

    The first thing popped into my mind were the three persons most precious to me at the time, my children B - Brantley my oldest son and E- Elizabeth my daughter and M- Michael my youngest son. I know if she or any of her family ever read those names they will know who I am. Especially since my oldest so has such an unusual name. So we get BEM, which people always think it says ben and in chat when it was here I was always having to clarify I am a girl

  • Mrs.Congeniality

    I guess because the night before I became a member I watched Mrs.C part 2

  • brutusmaximus

    Hmm, I like Roman stuff, take it to the Max Brutus old boy


  • tijkmo
    tijkmo = tijkmo explained

    <--- the irony is the name of my band (based on the meaning of tijkmo)

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