How Did You Choose Your Alias?

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  • juni

    I'm definitely a romantic. I love the goodness that I find all around me. I am endeared to honest people. I love humor and to laugh. I enjoy the simple things in life. I believe in soulmates. I believe one should be attuned to their own senses and to their soulmate's. I love to take in nature whether by walks on a beach or through a canopied forest or during a gentle rain. I love the smell of a summer's warm night, the Fall's foliage of dropping leaves, the crisp night air of Winter, and the earthiness of Spring. I love relaxing baths and lotions one of my favorites being juniper breeze from Bath and Body Works. (Merfi agrees w/me, right Merf?)

    Therefore, I chose "juni" an abbreviation of juniper breeze.


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