How Did You Choose Your Alias?

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  • Finally-Free

    For some reason the site was rejecting the other names I was trying to use - I'm not sure why. I was getting frustrated and thinking to myself, "I wish I was finally free of all this shit!"

    It worked.


  • KW13
    LMAO...He's an elf!...What do ya expect!

    I bet your one of those feminists, who likes men to be shorter than ya

  • skeeter1

    My accent defineatly puts me as a "redneck", but I do not think that way.

    Skeeter is a redneck version of a mosquito.

    A mosquito eats blood, and I disagree with the JW blood policy. T

    The "1" is from Airforce 1. (I was watching the President land when I was making up my knickname)

    Skeeter1 - means the "Redneck sounding XJW has landed." I had found "home" on jwd


  • gwyneth
    it should be Worldly Andre, not Wordly Andre

    All this time, when I saw your name, I pronounced it "Worldly" in my head. I didn't even notice the misspelling! D'oh!

    Mine is just my first name, plain and simple. Not too imaginative, huh?

  • target

    I was in three accidents in a row, each one was the other person's fault. I started feeling like I had a target on me.


  • Outaservice

    I used to be 'In Service' a lot as a JW Elder, but now I'm 'Outaservice'! I don't work no more!

    Outaservice (and unfixable!)

  • Free

    Mine speaks for itself.

  • kazar

    I took my alias from one of my favorite books, "Dictionary of the Khazars." Although the spelling is slightly different, "Kazar", the meaning is still the same for me. It is an obscure book about a religious polemic in which the participants are Christians, Muslims and Jews who are arguing as to which one of them has the true religion.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    For many years I have felt conflicted over trying to live the life the JW's expected me to uphold , and what my own mind or conscience was telling me to do . Thus troubled - mind I have gained greater peace of mind since I no longer attend meetings or read any witness literature .

  • Nellie

    Nelly is an abbreviation of my name (that no one uses and therefore would not recognize me by).

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