The Gentiles Times Reconsidered--Again but this Time By Using the Bible

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    I miss Frank too. Any way we can get him and his superior wit back on this forum?
    The other Frank (Frank75)

    Thanks, Frank75, for the compliment. Since my last post my computer has been in storage because I'm in the process of moving from one apartment while looking for another. My boss gave me permission to make this reply on our office computer. With your talent (and that of some others in this thread), the "superior wit" continues. Keep up the good work!


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    AK - Jeff

    Is Thirdwitness still here. My God - some just refuse to listen to reason.


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    Can anyone show that mene mene tekel upharsin does not equal 2520 gerahs.

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    thirdwitness: Can anyone show that mene mene tekel upharsin does not equal 2520 gerahs.

    Why not ask Daniel, he alredy gave its meaning, in full, to king Neb?


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    thirdwitness: Can anyone show that mene mene tekel upharsin does not equal 2520 gerahs.

    I cannot prove it does not equal 2,520 gerahs. But I can prove that positively asserting that it absolutely does equal 2,520 gerahs has no solid foundation in fact. I can further prove that drawing any prophetic conclusions from that coincidence, even if it is true, is an exercise in rampant speculation.

    Mene = 30, 50, or 60 shekels (depending on the authority cited and the time period considered)
    Tekel = 1 shekel
    Upharsin = Half a mena, i.e. 15, 25, or 30 shekels (depending on the authority cited for Mene)

    Gerah = 1/20 shekel

    Mene + mene = 60, 100, or 120 shekels (depending upon the authority cited)
    + tekel = 61, 101, or 121 shekels
    + upharsin = 76, 126, or 151 shekels (in total)

    * 20 = 1520, 2520, or 3020 gerahs

    But...even if it does equal exactly 2,520 gerahs (which monetary unit is not even mentioned, BTW) there are many meaningless numeric coincidences throughtout every issue of the New York Times or Wall Street Journal, why would this matter? It is not as though the fulfillment of the 70 years for Babylon had ANY significance to Daniel 4, after all.


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    I'm sorry, thirdwitness, but I fail to see the point beyond a meaningless numerical coincidence. Was there a point, or was it just a kind of cool coincidence to which we can point and say, "Ooh, look at that!"

    I mean, I don't mind if it was just a cool oddity you ran across, but there are thousands of numerical anomalies and patterns that arise in almost all large numbers. Take 144,000 for instance. Just for fun, one day, when I was bored, I showed all the ways 6 combined with the other "significant" prophetic numbers (a la the Revelation book) could be incorporated into calculations equalling 144,000. I posted the results here:

    The intent is to show that anyone can play with various incremental values enough until they find what seems to be correlations WHEN THERE IS NONE. Human brains look for patterns, we gravitate toward them, but that doesn't mean the things we identify actually ARE patterns, often we kept picking at it until it LOOKED like a pattern to us.

    Why would you use 1/20 of a shekel in any calculation regarding Mene, Mene, Tekel, and Upharsin? What the gerah does a gerah have to do with anything in that chapter, or book for that matter?


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    Biblical Numerology is such a waste of time. Any "expert" (a term I'll apply generously) can take any random number of scriptures and string them together. Then take that string of scriptures, add, multiply, subtract, or divide the numbers contained within. Find a fixed date that something signifigant was supposed to happen. Tack on the new formula of numbers and there you have it, a whole new prophecy pulled directly from the Bible.

    Here's one for you to show how prophetic I am.

    Pick 3 numbers between 1 and 9 and write them in descending order (ex. 321).

    Invert the numbers and subtract from the first (ex. 321-123)

    Take your new number, invert and add them.

    I predict you got the number 1089.

    I must be inspired by Holy Spirit!

    The same is true of any quack looking for patterns in the Bible. Look hard enough and I'll bet I can predict my date of birth within a month or two by using Bible Scriptures. Much like the part in Revelation that was supposed to be about Rutherford and Co in jail. The closest it came was within 3 months of being accurate.

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