The Gentiles Times Reconsidered--Again but this Time By Using the Bible

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    I think Thirdwitness really ought to belly up and be truthfull about himself and the organization he puts so much faith in and answer Auldsouls post and questions he put to him below. Auldsoul, you have put very succinctly what is really at the root of the matter. What say you Thirdwitness?

    Tor Auldsoul wrote: thirdwitness,

    The Watchtower Society was of the latter kind — associated with the DPI.


    I was watching Carlos Mencia the other night. Funny guy. He talked about you quite a lot.

    I have NEVER suggested the Society was Associated to anything else. I have repeatedly specified and even SPELLED OUT UN/DPI as United Nations Department of Public Information. Why are you telling me what I just told you? "De-de-de!" (as Carlos says). The Watchtower Society did the same thing to me. The second paragraph of their letter back to me was like a carbon copy of the second paragraph of my letter to them. They are also, "De-de-de!"

    I am probably much better informed than you on the structure of the various UN departments and their requirements. NGO Association is not limited to association with ECOSOC and DPI. Do you know which other departments allow NGO Associate memberships? I do. Do you know what the primary requirement, the "principle criterion" for Association to EVERY SINGLE ONE is and always has been? Each department that has an NGO Associate program is charged with making its own Criteria for Association. But the primary criterion is ALWAYS present. It MUST be present, for all departments, based on the reasoning presented when the first department wanted to allow NGO Associates. This Criterion is always present because of the ECOSOC Resolution.

    Some variant of:

    - The NGO must share the principles of the UN Charter

    - An Associate NGO must support the principles of the UN Charter

    - For an NGO to be approved for Association, it must support the principles and purpose of the UN Charter.

    and so on. Without exception. No matter how far back you go, including 1968 when NGOs were first allowed to Associate to a UN department (the UN/ECOSOC, in that case). There has never been an NGO Association to any UN department that was not first required to agree on paper to Criteria for Association to that particular department, usually as part of the application form. There has never been a Criteria for Association to any UN department that has not had this primary criterion in some form as its FIRST criterion in the Criteria for Association.

    Now, if you believe I am wrong, show why. If you believe I am right, then it doesn't make ANY DIFFERENCE if the Criteria changed. The ever-present FIRST and PRIMARY criterion would eliminate any possibility of a JW engaging in this relationship.

    Have you really read it? If so, why do you ask questions that have obviously been answered?

    Yes. I really read it. And you misrepresent the relationship throughout the entire puff piece you wrote. You frequently refer to the relationship as a registration, when you obviously know it was not a registration, it was an Associate membership to the UN/DPI.

    In the post where I asked you about the other Associate members to the UN/DPI, I gave you a long list of other NGOs that are Associates to the UN/DPI and I asked you one question regarding them. You didn't answer. Your Web site doesn't answer. Since you herein finally admit that they were ASSOCIATED to the UN/DPI (as distinguished from "registered with"), please respond to my question regarding other UN/DPI Associate member NGOs.

    If you don't remember the question, it is in this post:

    Now, each of these organizations is an NGO Associate member of the UN/DPI. Some are also members of ECOSOC and other UN departments. But ALL are members of the UN/DPI. Are these organizations approved by God or disapproved by God?

    I fully understand your reluctance to straightforwardly ANSWER the questions, because doing so assassinate the claims of your Web page, and I also understand your desire to redirect people to your Web site because doing so boosts your Web rankings, but I don't understand the idiocy involved in thinking that a static, unchallengable Web site that makes dozens of errors in its statements of fact is somehow a replacement for discussion ON A DISCUSSION FORUM. You have been warned repeatedly and I promise you the patience of the Assistants will eventually wear out.

    Please, answer the questions.


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    Thirdwitness, wouldn't following picture be more appropriate


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    Damn UN thing is still standing, no punch delivers a knockout. lol

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    T-wit: "Alright. We'll call it a draw"


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    I figured if I stayed away for a couple of days I would come back and this thread would have ended. I was wrong. What could there be possibly left to discuss about anything in the preceeding 67 pages?

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    In a contest, it is the referee that declares who is the winner, not the fighters or their advocates.

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    Fisherman: In a contest, it is the referee that declares who is the winner, not the fighters or their advocates. Ah, but remember, thirdwitnoid is neither the ref or fighter. He is the PROMOTER. steve

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    thirdwitness said:

    Auldsoul: Since you herein finally admit that they were ASSOCIATED to the UN/DPI (as distinguished from "registered with"), please respond to my question regarding other UN/DPI Associate member NGOs.
    I did not 'finally' admit it. The essay was written months ago. It hasn't been changed to admit anything. You must've not read it if you think I am 'finally' admitted it. This is a typical apostate ploy to mislead readers into thinking that it was something sinister and so I held back from admitting it until you 'finally' forced me to admit it.

    Instead of quibbling over irrelevancies, why don't you just answer the question??

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