The Gentiles Times Reconsidered--Again but this Time By Using the Bible

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  • done4good
    If a day for a year is not applied then that means that the 7 times lasted from 607 to 600. Did a ruler of God's Kingdom come forth then? Logical reasoning will lead a person to believe that the day for a year rule must apply otherwise the prophecy is meaningless. We have as an example the seventy weeks prophecy of Daniel chapter 9. The day for a year rule must apply in Daniel chapter 9 or the prophecy is meaningless and is of no value.

    As we have already shown Daniel used the word for 7 times instead of 7 years. Therefore it must mean more than 7 years. Otherwise he would have said 7 years not 7 times. Do you think that Jehovah was trying to trick us by using the terminology of 7 times and then explaining the length of 3.5 times in Revelation only to merely mean that the 7 times that pass over are 7 years and that is all? AT the same time he supplied the rule ' a day for a year ' when Ezekiel laid on his side for so many days (which by the way pointed to the destruction of Jerusalem in 607). He also supplied the prophecy of the 70 weeks which also needs the rule of 'a day for a year' for it to have value. The 70 weeks from 455 brings us to 453.5. Nothing happened. So surely it must be a day for a year.

    With that said, is there any other reason to apply the day for a year rule to the dream? For a moment lets reason why God wanted us to know exactly how long 3 1/2 times are. In one place he calls it 42 months, in another place he calls it 1260 days. If it only meant 42 regular months then why be so specific about it. What difference does a few days here or there make? Why not just 3½ years or 42 lunar or solar months? The only time a few days does make a big difference is when you are dealing with a prophecy that has a day for a year rule applied. In this case every day makes a big difference. When you combine this with the fact that every prophecy of Daniel either concludes with Jesus arriving in God's Kingdom or with the arrival of the Messiah who is the King of God's Kingdom, then you have a pretty strong reason to apply the day for a year rule.

    I really fail to see anything conclusive here. Just assumption. Just beacuse "nothing happened", dosen't make it OK to just arbitrarily apply this rule. And what does "The only time a few days does make a big difference is when you are dealing with a prophecy that has a day for a year rule applied", mean? I'm not trying to be smug here, but there does not appear to be any obvious connection. Can you please clarify without using weak assumptions.


  • james_woods

    OK, third witness - now what exactly was old Russell predicting would happen in 1914?

    I say that his prophecy of the end of the world was busted, so none of this crackpot chronology means a farthing.

    A false prophecy is still a false prophecy just because it didn't come true.

    >> Numbers are just gas if the prophecy don't come to pass.


  • fullofdoubtnow
    KW, 607 thoroughly proved here:


    That's just more circular reasoning from a jw, probably you 3rd w judging by some of the terminology used. It proves nothing, apart from the stubbornness of most jws to accept the truth about 607/587 when the evidence is clearly presented to them.

  • KW13

    Sorry was having my dinner.

    regardless of 7 times bla bla, the kings rules that are accepted by the Society don't add up to 607. answer my question with an answer, i can't really get anywhere while going on a tangent. i'm not excellent at this chronology stuff (thank god i didn't base my faith on this alone).

    the site there, is basically leading to a - beg to differ situation at least, although i believe that my post is enough to say the Society have it wrong, there is no arguement with the figures i provide.

    Open your Isaiah book Volume One – turn to pages 253-254.

    21 Isaiah goes on to prophesy: “It must occur in that day that Tyre must be forgotten seventy years, the same as the days of one king.” (Isaiah 23:15a) Following the destruction of the mainland city by the Babylonians, the island-city of Tyre will “be forgotten.” True to the prophecy, for the duration of “one king”—the Babylonian Empire—the island-city of Tyre will not be an important financial power. Jehovah, through Jeremiah, includes Tyre among the nations that will be singled out to drink the wine of His rage. He says: “These nations will have to serve the king of Babylon seventy years.” (Jeremiah 25:8-17, 22, 27) True, the island-city of Tyre is not subject to Babylon for a full 70 years, since the Babylonian Empire falls in 539 B.C.E. Evidently, the 70 years represents the period of Babylonia’s greatest domination—when the Babylonian royal dynasty boasts of having lifted its throne even above “the stars of God.” (Isaiah 14:13) Different nations come under that domination at different times. But at the end of 70 years, that domination will crumble. What will then happen to Tyre?

  • stevenyc

    Using the same apocalyptic nonsense I can let you know, thirdwitness, that you and those you worship are going to have to wait a long time for the fulfillment of your prophecy.

    The answer for the 'End of the Time' is clearly given in chapter 8: 13 :

    Then I heard a holy one speaking, and another holy one said to him, "How long will it take for the vision to be fulfilled—the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, the rebellion that causes desolation, and the surrender of the sanctuary and of the host that will be trampled underfoot?" 14 He said to me, "It will take 2,300 evenings and mornings; then the sanctuary will be reconsecrated.

    2300 days = 2,300 years.

    So, using your calculations we have 220 years after 1914 for the vision to be fulfilled.

    Prove me wrong!


  • acadian

    Hello Thirdwitness, Even if all were true about what you wrote (WTS), there is still one problem... the Watchtower is a corporation, corporations get their authority from the State, not God. As a corporation they recieve benifits/priveleges/protection from the State/beast, thus showing a severe lack of faith in their God Jehovah in being able to take care of their worldly affairs. You can't serve two master's, be unevenly yoked with unbeliever' (the State),.and be no part of the world. How can you be incorporated in the State and the body of christ at the same time? not possible! Except for hypocrits and liars. You want to know if a religion has God's approval, ask yourself, is it incorporated in the Christ or the State, and then you'll have your answer. Peace Acadian.


    Just more 3rd Witness Crap..But not before taking a cheap shot at the moderator`s..What a WBTS Joke..Pathetic...OUTLAW

  • Midget-Sasquatch
    Even some of those who have previously tried to discredit Jehovah's Witnesses by saying 607BCE is the incorrect date of Jerusalem's desolation are now forced to admit that it may indeed be the correct date because they have no clear answer for the Biblical evidence presented in favor of 607 and against 587. In light of this, not wanting to admit that Jehovah's Witnesses indeed have the truth, they now have resorted to this view: 'So what. It doesn't matter if it was 607 or 587! This proves nothing about 1914.

    RReeeeeaaaaalllllly?I don't believe you. I'll openly admit I'm mistaken though if you can give me names and quotes of these supposed posters who "previously tried to discredit" 607 but are "now forced to admit" it can be right.

    You still haven't convincingly shown that the dream in Daniel was explicitly talking about anything else besides the single application it explained in its own text (i.e.applying to Nebuchadnezzar). That whole line about all Daniel's prophecies of World Powers etc. all pointing to the coming Kingdom of God doesn't necessarily mean that the dream vision had to point to the establishment of the Kingdom. At the end of the 7 years, Neb (who was rather lowly now eating grass wouldn't you say?) admitted that the Most High could do whatever he wanted. You don't have to call on a further fulfillment. I also think you're making too much of "time" versus "year" in this case. The book's author is trying to come off as a prophet so why couldn't he use "times" instead of the more mundane "year" to better fit the part?

    As well, in line with the point made by another poster who brought up the question of the 2300 days being 2300 years then:

    The book of Revelation clearly shows that 3 and a half times equals 1260 days. Therefore 7 times equals 2520. We can't argue with that. We can't say, oh no , there are 365 days in a year. That doesn't matter. The Bible shows what 7 times equals. We can't change it. 7 times =2520 days. If it is a day for a year then 7 times is equal to 2520 years. You only have 2 choices. Either seven times = seven years. Or seven times = 2520 years. (based on a day for a year) It can't be 7 X 365 or 70 years or 7 months or 7 days unless we are going to totally disregard the Bible's explanation of times in Revelation.

    Why doesn't the Society choose to interpret those periods of time in Revelation in exactly the same way, but instead it reckons them as actual days from whatever convention to whatever convention?

  • kid-A

    607 >>>>>>>


    Good one MS,I missed that..Ok 3rd Witness,once again you spew crap you can`t back up..Who are these people who are now forced to admit "607 MAY be THE CORRECT DATE"?..There aren`t any,you got your ass kicked..I doubt you mind,your probably used to it..Maybe you`ve come to enjoy it..LOL!!..Please spank me Mistress,I`ve been very naughty!..LOL!!...OUTLAW

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