Worst Thing Youve Done In A Meeting?

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  • theBGB

    lol, amazing thread!

    For all the women who post about something so personal as their own masturbation, please keep in mind that this is the internet and what you post is visible to millions. Boundaries are a good thing when it comes to something so personal.

    True, FHN...though all of the masturbation references were posted 5 years ago, and seriously...nobody but Jdubs are going to really look down on teenagers for 'bating. Besides, the interwebs and masturbation goes hand in hand. (pun intended)

    My worst...I used to purposefully clog the toilets and let them flood, just so I could clean it up in order to escape the torture that was sitting through their b.s. meetings for an extra 10 minutes...thats right, I literally would have rather cleaned up shit and piss than sit there listening to their lies.

    And when I was 14 the first time I ever got drunk was off rum that someone gave the family as a presant that sat under the sink for years, I didnt know how much to take so I mixed a big-gulp of coke with about a third of the bottle of rum, and I got SMASHED. This was the night before a big DA at Cops' Colosseum in Hamilton, I spent the whole day hung-over. My family thought I had a flu but obviously didnt care enough about me to let me stay home in bed. It was.... just about as brutal as any other convention I ever went to.

    I dont think I ever bated in the KH, but probably a few times at assemblies around that age.

  • Blind_Of_Lies

    I really don’t get the “baiting” thing. Our KH had some of the most uninviting bathrooms I have ever seen. They were also regularly patrolled by “that” elder who gets up in the middle of the meeting and carries his bible back with him as if he needs it to prove a point. (talk about a haughty display of faith) Every KH has THAT elder. Anyway, he would make his rounds a few times per meeting, at times even walking up and down the rows of chairs with his bible open as if he were following along. What exactly he was upto I will never know. He was also THAT guy who would randomly walk up to another elder or MS during meeting then bend down and whisper something in their ear, I was always under the assumption we had some sort of high level security threat that required immediate whispering over. Now however I know

    THAT Elder in the ear of THAT other elder: “Psst, Johnson has been in the stall 8 minutes now you know what THAT means”

    THAT other elder: “he had Mexican for dinner?”

    THAT elder: “Nah bro, hes chokin the chicken”

    THAT other elder: “When did we get a chicken?”

    THAT elder: “no no no, hes jerkin a gerkin”

    THAT other elder: “Gerkin is no jerk hes a nice guy!”

    That elder: “SIR! He is self-pleasuring himself in the bathroom!”

    That other elder: “Are all the children accounted for?”

    Jerkin at assembly’s… well maybe but for the most part I was waiting to get back to my room… that I had carefully selected for Free HBO and PPV… that’s where the magic happens.

  • supernerdboy

    Lol this thread is hysterical.

    Masturbated in the bathroom 3 times at KH. (I always have had a tremendously good visual memory, and creative/artistic visual mind)

    Pretended the microphone I was handling was a light-saber from star wars, and that I was a sith lord killing the brothers I did not like.

    Also imagined that a sister was holding it as if it were a dildo. She looked like she was polishing it.

    Had wondering eye syndrome.

    I always drew on my convention program without fail.

    I almost never studied. Now that my dad is requiring it, I am just looking for buzzwords and underline the statment they are in. I can study in about 3 minuts.

    Donated about 500$ in my life to them. (could have a new video card if I would have saved it)

    Masturbated in a car-group while the driver and Sister beside me were at the door doing a study. The sister in front of me was elderly. You might ask why. I was horny staring at the sexy sister with a tight dress at the door.

    Things I did outside hall: Wore a dress on cross dressing day at school, laughter at a friends prayer, because he had an awesome accent. Went to prom. Blamed are dog for braking a glass table when relay I tried killing a fly with a baseball bat. Masturbated in a car while my mom was getting her checkup for birth control. I learned what masturbation was from the young people ask book, which was what gave me the idea to try it while I was starting to go into purity. (they say it is to stop the practice, IRONIC) Stared at a witness girl who whore immodest clothing to school. I played awful videogames (Crysis, started playing doom, WOW, Ext) Watched Lord of the rings with my sister, loved star-wars even though it is "Demonic". Watched avatar a second time after hearing the CO say that is was a horrible Hindu movie. Contemplated suicide. Know that I know the source of all my stress I feel much better. Though I am currently an Atheist, I still feel that Jesus words "You can not slave for to masters" are vary applicable. I hope that I can enjoy a full time job now that I do not have a second mast other then myself.

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