Worst Thing Youve Done In A Meeting?

by chuckie77 62 Replies latest jw friends

  • schne_belly

    Nothing too exciting or bad:

    My friends and I would sit together and "deface" our watchtowers with notes back and forth to eachother....hey, it made the time go by faster. Sometimes though, we would get in laughing fits and need to excuse ourselves to the bathroom

  • Crumpet

    Brooke! That deserves to be up there with LT DAing from the platform. You have got balls girl!

  • jgnat

    My crossword book fell down in the seat in front of me. The twentysomething sweetheart handed it back to me, words dripping with ice, "I believe this is yours."

  • justsomedude

    Wow... I thought my "covertly apostate" comments were pretty slick, but I have nothing on Brooke.

  • earthtone

    In my early teen years would go to the second school ( away from mom) and sleep through it.

    My aunt was a witness who went to our hall and she would always sit with us. EVERY meeting she would stare me down if I was not paying attention to the meeting closely enough ( I guess according to her). I mean examine me like I was a bug or something. So one day I got so pissed that started picking in my nose and acting like I was eating my bogers! If you could have seen her face.lmao @ the memory.

  • rekless

    as I was closing out on my witness life, I started snickering at everything some of the hypocrits were stating knowing full well I knew their guts from both ends.

  • Seeker4

    When I was a kid we had converted an old store front into a Kingdom Hall. The men's room was off the library and towards the front of the hall, and the whole place was not particularly soundproof.

    When we went to the men's room, one other kid and I used to let the toilet seat drop when we used it, (you could hear that in the main hall), and then the one of us that had gone to the men's room would walk back into the main hall rubbing the back of our head, like the toilet seat had hit us there while we were taking a drink out of the john. The one still sitting in the hall would watch for the private joke we had going and laugh like hell. It was totally sophomoric, but it busted us up no end!


  • purplesofa

    I laughed at an inappropiate time

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Some stuff I don't think I should post here, but some other things were clogging the toilets so that the next person who used it next wouldn't be able to flush poo poo down and it flooded the bathroom out, I did this at least 3 times that it worked, another time I got one of those fart bombs and set if off in the bathroom tossed it in the trash can. Smoked a ciggarette in the parking lot during meeting, (I was 14 at that time) I would draw dicks, horns and crap all over the Watchtowers and Awakes and leave them behind for someone else to find. Got into my parents Rum or Vodka before meetings and was pretty drunk a few times for thursday night torture.

  • okie46

    The FUNNIEST thing I ever did was start laughing in the second school while giving a talk and I couldn't stop and couldn't finish the talk, when I had sat down, I didn't realize my skirt was up over the arm of the chair and I was flashing everyone until someone motioned to me. The worst thing happened right before this event, see below, which is probably what got me so flustered.

    The WORST thing I ever did was get into a fight with a sister (whose husband was an elder) in the bathroom who wanted me to take my daughter out of high school so she could pioneer, she was sticking her nose repeatedly in my business. I had finally had enough of her and shoved her up against the door so she couldn't get out and proceeded to read her the riot act. Another sister who was in the bathroom broke up the fight and chastised us.

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