Reveal something interesting that we didn't know about you

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  • JWdaughter

    IP_SEC is really cute. . .darn it.

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    I had my lighthouse but it was a secluded cabin in the Maui rainforrest. It was awesome to wake up to a symphony of birds, breakfast growing wild, and the power of the crashing waves to lull me to sleep.

    oh something you all don't know...

    I am a freak

    and I can get my freak on

    uh huh yep

    edited to add; and I used to run around naked

  • sunshineToo

    What do you know about me?

  • Sweetp0985

    I'm obsessed with East Indian culture, movies, etc. I'm so very thankful for Netflix because I can watch all the Bollywood I want. No one understands my fascination but I'm addicted.

    I'm a cross-stitcher...It's a very tedious hobby but it cures my boredom when I'm waiting for my next Bollywood movie to come in the mail.

  • sunshineToo

    DubBeachBabe, you know sushi! In South Africa? That's an unusual place for sushi. Want to enjoy the realy sushi made by a sushi master? Come to California!

  • monkeyshine

    I snuck an Elder's daughter out of her bedroom window one time at 3 A.M. when I was 16.

    She was the perfect JW too. I could have announced it on stage and nobody would have believed me.

    I guess there were some good memories!

  • Trippin2962

    hummm.....something interesting about me..... I have the uncanny ability to imitate any cultural accent. I can imitate Brits, Austrians, Jamaicans, US Southerners... you name it. I should be in entertainment. I think I missed my calling. Oh yeah, and somedays I speak in a particular accent all day long. It bugs the heck out of my kids, lol.

  • arwen

    I ride on the back of my husband's Harley alot. I guess I am a biker bitch?

  • Crumpet
    plucking my pubic hair for about 3 years. But this month I stopped cold turkey

    keep on plucking and you will look like a cold turkey down there! hehe!

    apostate kate - so dont you have your rainforest cabin anymore? Its sound like a Barbara Kingsolver dream!

    I love violent Tartan Asia Extreme movies.

  • Jankyn

    This is one of the bestest threads ever!

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