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  • seesthesky

    This is worse than the bombings in Lebanon and the civilian killings in Iraq! OMFG - airflight delays - and no beverages! We should all call on our gods to destroy these terrorists and all their civilian relations - heh.

  • Leolaia

    Now do you think the airlines are going to compensate by offering a lot more free beverages on board? Or the airports allow you to check more luggage without a penalty? I wouldn't hold my breath.

    I wonder what will happen to all the vendors in the airport (beyond security) who sell food and snacks for passengers. And I bet the Duty Free store in Heathrow is gonna be decimated, as they can no longer sell booze for passengers...

  • bebu

    Leo, that commercial is before its time. Hysterical, too.

    Sorry that you will be taking an international flight soon!! Bring some good reading, a neck pillow, etc.

    I think that the concessions in the airport will not suffer too badly--so many people hanging around hungry and thirsty, waiting for their flight... Just add lotions, hair gel, etc, to the stands so that people can stock up once they arrive.

    Glad I don't travel much anymore. I guess.


  • Jim_TX

    Locally here (San Antonio, TX), on the morning news, they are reporting that there are going to be _2_ security checks.
    The 'normal' one that you go through to get to the gates, and another one at the gate - just prior to boarding.
    (Where are they going to get the manpower to do this?)
    Also... with no one being allowed to take carry on... where do folks with their laptops put them? Underneath the plane? Wouldn't there be a lot of laptops getting 'lost'? (Sounds like a good title for a series...)
    I watched BBC news yesterday - seems they gave more (and better) coverage to this. The local 'national' news sucks.
    Jim TX

  • Dansk

    What concerns me the most is that the police have yet to find any evidence to back their claims of a terrorist plot. Let's remember, an innocent young Brazilian was shot dead and then two innocent British Asians had their home raided due to "intelligence reports". If the intelligence reports are wrong concerning the latest alleged terrorist threat, does that mean clever lawyers are going to be hired and 24 people are to be compensated for wrongful arrest?

    I totally agree that the police HAVE to act on intelligence because the consequences of not doing so could be catastrophic, but if they've got it wrong again, well, the real terrorists will be laughing their heads off! (I'm almost wishing they do find something!). I really feel for the police because it's a heck of job they have to do.


  • sass_my_frass

    Yeah, I've got a g/f flying into heathrow for her wedding, she wants to take her gown in cabin luggage, and if they don't let her she's just going to wear it...

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