How many here have left the org because of this board?

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  • mrsjones5

    I ask this question because Saki said this in another topic:

    And I would assume that a lot of people on this board left due to this board alone "proving" the lies of the WTS

    So, it this true or false? Or is this mostly true or mostly false? I know this is not an absolute but it really irked me that Saki assumes that we are all here because this board led us away from the so-called "truth".

    I for one left the org years before I found this board. How 'bout you?


  • Mysterious

    The doubts came first...the board gave me support in knowing I was not alone.

  • kazar

    I had doubts for years, then I came on this board and it substantiated my doubts with facts and that was it for me.

  • elliej

    I was too afraid to look at this board until I was already pretty sure they didn't have the Truth. And I research everything I read here, so you can't say it was this board alone that did it. I would say that the posters here showed me where to go to find the info I needed to make an informed decision. And it also helped to know that I was not alone in my thoughts.

  • gwyneth

    No. I found this board 8 years after I'd left.

  • blondie

    I don't think many would go looking for a board like this unless mentally that had doubts or had taken some steps already.

    Some might have found this place by typing in "jehovah's witnesses" but unless there was a crack in the door, I doubt they would stay. I was an "active" JW for 1 year lurking before I posted, and 1 year after before I stopped completely.

    This board did help me find other info on the WTS or confirmed what I had found on my own but just reading older publications and doing research using the WT-CD.


  • jayhawk1

    It was not this board, but it was another website that helped me out. Then I found this board to talk out my feelings, which helped in the healing process.

  • moomanchu


    Back in 1999 sheperding call :

    Elder : Are you going on web sites that are negative to the witnesses?

    Me: I don't have a computer.

    Elder :

    Me: Hmmmmm I wonder ?

  • lilybird

    I left the org some twenty years ago, obviously was no internet then. Even though I felt it was the right decision to leave, I still had nagging thoughts that maybe they could be right and I had condemned my kids to death at armegeddon. When I found this site, it confirmed that I had made the right decision. I wasn't aware of all the deceit and twisted doctrines of the JWS until I read the "truth" about the "truth" here...Side note.. I was at my mother-in-laws on the weekend. On her wall is some kind of JW poster that says"KEEP ON THE WATCH, KEEP YOURSELVES READY" with a sinister looking background of trees. It really creeped me out. It stood out so blatant to me how the org keeps its followers in fear to stay in their organization. I just wanted to tell her.. can't you see how foolish and creepy the whole thing is??? But she falls for all of it.. Im so so happy I am out of it for good....

  • Carmel

    hmmm, well if JWD was around in 1958 it may have influenced me but then that was before computers too!

    IOW NO!


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