How many here have left the org because of this board?

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  • katiekitten
    They threatened to DA me but said they would reconsider if I took my sites down.

    WOW - the borg plea bargaining!

    I left first, still believed it was all true, but I just didnt think I could live up to it anymore.

    This site convinced me I wasnt going to die at Armageddon. It was like getting my life back.

  • grey matters
    grey matters

    I faded for a long time, but I quit attending meetings completely around the end of 2002. Family pressure to return led me to do Internet research. I was led here by Timothy Campbell's sight.

  • moshe

    Todays JW's have it easy. Back in the 80's when I left you had to be sneaky to get info- rent a PO box in another city, go to libraries in other cities to avoid being recognized, etc.. I used to have a JW helpline- my ph# had the last four numbers of 1975. I never helped anyone get out that I know of . It was a JW-nagline more than anything.

  • anewme

    Left years before. This forum has been a healing for me.

  • saki2fifty

    Nope, haven't left left, still take my wife and kids to the meetings, still wear the white shortsleeved shirt with the typical and matching black pleated slacks, combing my hair to the side with some vaseline, displaying a never-ending and happy smile full of white, bright teeth in spite of knowing that someone wants to slap it right off my face... and just enjoying knowing that im irritating your all by knocking on your doors!

    However, I have realized that my beliefs (by way of this forum/board) of my future may not be as bright as I had hoped, and enjoying life of earth may not happen. Instead, there is a good possibility that I could be living a lie, and all those wondering beliefs that I had of peace on earth may be false.

    Instead, I could live a great and happy life, grow old, die... and thats it. Now thats a future.

    (and no, im not a hardcore JW, but rather your typical, ignorant, follower..)

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