Do u believe much of the JW teachings but not Gods Representative on earth?

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  • mrsjones5

    Sorry if you think I'm being combative (I'm not) I just want to know what to you still believe. You started this topic and I think it's only fair if you do yours first.

    Is that so hard?


  • FreeFromWTBS

    I still believe


    no hellfire

    earthly resurrection for mankind

    end of system(in the sense of the end of governments not in the sense of fireball falling out of the sky)

  • plmkrzy

    Hi breeze

    I find them very annoying. Not the witnesses as individuals but the "GB". They frost my ass.

    I, for a long time...years, felt drawn to the teachings in many ways but just couldn't bring myself to forking over my life to the wtbts.

    Like jwfacts said: they make up a convenient doctrine and then find a few scriptures to support it.

    I'm not sure why I continued to be drawn to the religion other then I was born into it and I think that has a lot to do with how difficult it may be to just forget about it completely. Where I live now it is difficult to maintain a respectable opinion in the eyes of the community without belonging to a church of some kind. I now live in the Bible belt and pretty much keep to myself. Everyone wants to convert me and question the reasons why I just don't want to go to church and get saved.

    As for the doctrines in general, I just sent my brother a happy birthday email. I have celebrated Xmas several times but can take it or leave it. I do not believe that Xmas is a celebration of our savior anymore then I buy into it being something that will cause me to go to hell if I decorate a tree.

    The blood issue, I understand why the organization started that rule but due to science I believe that rule should change. Not eating raw blood is fine by me but this is the 21 st century. The last time I discussed the blood issue with a pioneer sister I use to study with back in 1997 or so, her personal understanding of why jws do not accept blood, now, was because it represented ones very soul/person. Blah blah blah.

    I believe the blood thing was appropriate for the period it was addressing, not this century.

    As for living forever on this earth, I haven’t the foggiest idea.

    I’m sure I could find several doctrines that I still believe in but I would have to really think about them all, there’s soooo many now and that might hurt my head.

    I still believe


    no hellfire
    ditto End of this system of things? The only thing I am sure about with regard to that is all the systems throughout history have ended. We are just another that will end as well. spell check sucks i'n not editing anymore. plm

  • Rooster

    Satan himself formed the WTBTS. Their teachings of the pyramids, dates for the end of the world, the name they have of Jehovah's Witnesses, and many of the other teachings that all go directly against Christianity.. The whole cult/sect identified as Jehovah's Witnesses is a product of the Devil!!! Say away..

  • Quandry

    As my alias would suggest, I am in a state of confusion. I did not leave because of doctrine. I am not df'd or da'd. My child was treated so badly that my family was stumbled.

    I do not believe in hellfire. What a repugnant notion.

    I never, even before Witnesses, believed in a Trinity. I always viewed Jesus as God's son. Yes, God-Jehovah. I remember a song in the Baptist Hymnal --Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah.

    I always wondered, in church, who the meek ones were who would inherit the earth, if everyone went to Heaven. Also, animals are not in Heaven, but the lion and the lamb were to lay together.

    Jesus was clearly ressurected. Lazarus was brought back as a human. What a kind thing for Jesus to do. I want to have hope that if I die I can live again.

    As far as the 144,000- how do the Witnesses show 8,000 of them still alive year after year?

    Why would the light get brighter and brighter but the dead in Sodom will be ressurected, no they won't, yes they will?

    Why, if the U.N. thing was not biggie, can't they just let everyone know? Are the RandF too stupid to handle the truth?

    Who will take over the reign of the WTBTS if all of them have to be annointed but they are all dead? If it is the other sheep nethenim, how can they be the faithful and discreet slave to dispence spiritual food if not annointed?

    Why couldn't they really appologize for 1975 instead of saying "It is to be regretted?"

    So many things, it makes my head spin. If they truly were a loving organization I could overlook alot. I cannot overlook child abusers having no action taken against them or someone being reproved because they know about the UN NGO link.

    The shunning is the most unloving. Tell parents they should completely shun their child when they need them the most. Or for years shun a family member because they have found out something that is completely true about Russel, etc.

    The answer is, I don't have one. What do you think?

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I don't believe anything the jws say anymore. In my view, they have got so many prophecies wrong, they have changed their doctrine so often and they have forced so many clearly unscriptural rules on their followers that I find it impossible not to view any of their teachings with skepticism.

  • garybuss

    I share Witness core beliefs, no doubt: I don't belive in hell, immortality of the soul, or the Trinity.

  • dozy
    Just don't believe the WTBTS is Jehovah's representative on earth and the only hope for mankind?

    Probably not , though Jehovah would appear to have used some unusual agencies in the past (if you were a Canaanite , it would no doubt seem strange to learn that the soldiers destroying your cities and killing your children were actually specially chosen by God as His people).

    Still drawn to the beliefs

    Generally I am content with the "core" beliefs and happy with the fruitage and conduct of the people who hold them. It could be argued that if the Trinity is such a false and God dishonouring doctrine , then Jehovah's witnesses are the religion most associated with proclaiming against it.

    some are not correct like 607 BC and 1914 and 1975 etc

    I think that it is a given that 1975 is not correct & it was never explicitly taught as the date of Armaggeddon (though implied at times). 607 / 1914 - still not 100% convinced either way.

  • breeze

    Thanks for your comments.

    I too have an attraction to the witnesses core teachings as many of you admitted. I still have many friends that are involved, all be it I don't associate much with them because my hours for last month were a bit low. LOL....

    I am pretty certain that they aren't Gods representative on Earth in any way today. Many years ago they might have been, just as the Jews were chosen by God for the lineage of Christ and then grew away from Jehovah and lost his blessing.

    In my early years associating with the WTBTS the congregations were more closely knit and showed more love than today. This conduct was previous to the elder arrangement. This behavior could just be the change that society in general has made with less time for many things as opposed to the 50's.

    I don't however want to return to the pressures of worship within the environment that I experienced the last twenty years or so that I was going to all the meetings etc. The struggle to please the group all around me in the congregation just became too much to bear.

    I visited my parents this week and my Dad read the text on Tuesday I believe. It stated that you shoouldn't impose you conscious on others. This is one of the biggest problems I feel that exists in the WTBTS today with regard to keeping it's members. Now, don't misinterprete this comment, I know there other glaring issues like disfelowshipping and child molesters. But the R & F don't get exposed to that very much unless they read outside the boundaries they are allowed.


  • dobbie

    I never believed in the trinity, it's what got me studying with them in the first place. I don't think there's a hell either, as for the rest i just don't know at the moment, i want to believe in life after death, a loving God etc. but when i think of all the suffering people have to go through, Beslan for instance,those little kiddies drowned,,james bulger could go on forever,i'm actually starting to think there isn't a God anymore, or if there is then he's not one i want to know, who would let these ones suffer like this,just so he can stick his tongue out at Satan.Sorry, didn't mean to rant bet someone'll tell me off now!I did want to believe in living forever, but i never thought i'd get there anyway and i'm starting to think maybe this is our only chance now.

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