I Threw Away My Entire Watchtower Library Today

by minimus 51 Replies latest jw friends

  • geevee

    I did this about 6 months ago too. It was extremely cathartic. It felts soooo good to get rid of it, and what a huge amount of room it made. Now there's enough room for my real theocratic library, where Ray Franz has prime position.
    I did salvage some older books, and have bought some others from ebay...references.
    All those bound volumes, who needs them? I do have 2005 cd from reexamine.


    Woo Hoo Minimus!

    I knew you could do it!!!



  • blondie

    I could have used the magazines before 1950...........Randy could have sold it too, is it too late?


  • sunshineToo

    minimus, those were the evidences!!!!

  • Legolas

    Yep, with the move to the new home here in June I threw out nearly all my stuff as well!

    Feels great!

  • mrsjones5

    I rip up watchtowers and awakes but I have about 5 books. Hubby once asked why I kept the books. I told him for evidence. Funny engough 3 of them are geared towards children - my kids have shown no interest.



    Good for you Mini. After the Watchtower Library CDROMS started coming out...1993? 1995? I stopped getting the bound volumes, stopped collecting the stupid Km's and the last time I moved I packed the WT books up and now they are in the attic collecting dust. I wish I kept that stupid Revelation Climax book out though, never thought we'd be studying that again!

  • dedpoet

    I hope you shredded it first, so no unsuspecting person can read it and get duped by the wts crap. We don't want to see a future wt article about someone finding the lie through a mag they found in the trash.

    I'll bet it was a relief to see it go, I know it was for me when I got rid of mine around 5 years ago - I burned the lot, very therapeutic seeing all that crap burn.

  • Jim_TX

    Naw... I say donate them to the U.N.

    Then the WTBTS would need to have a Library Card to go look at them. What a hoot that would be, eh?


    Jim TX

  • Shakita

    Hi Minimus,

    I too threw out my entire collection of Watchtowers, Awakes, bound volumes, yearbooks, cassettes, videos, everything. I came to the point when I had to make a complete break from the WT mastery over my life. It felt kind of cathartic. I am far past the grieving stage and I now had the opportunity to cut my losses and move on. To hang onto my WT library reminded me daily of the huge mistake that I made when I was so young. Throwing it all away was my way of saying **** *** Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. You can take this library of lies and stuff it where the sun don't shine.

    Mr. Shakita

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