Has being a Jehova's witness totally shattered your faith?

by Silvia Plath 47 Replies latest jw experiences

  • funkyderek

    No. Learning to think for myself destroyed my need for faith. I now believe based only on the available evidence. I don't need the security blanket of faith, and I couldn't use it even if I did. I would be unable to convince myself that something was true if there was no evidence for it. I am still at a loss to understand how or why so many people do it.

  • freedom96

    I am not going to allow a false religion shatter my faith in anything.

  • blindersoff

    schne_belly----------My thoughts exactly

  • BizzyBee

    Has being a Jehovah's witness totally shattered your faith?

    Well, it certainly didn't help. It has made me highly skeptical and untrusting which is not a great springboard for faith.

    Sylvia, BTW, that film was made by Leonard and Marjorie Chretien, the couple in the final frames walking along the beach. I met them when the film was in the planning stages a couple of years before it was released. They have done a great service and helped many to come out of this evil organization.

  • Borgia

    No, I wouldn´t say so. The fact of the matter is that the discovery of being lied to, wasted time, wasted opportunities do have an inpact.

    As others have stated already, critically looking at the believe system, the neccesity for it and much more have lead me to the point where I do feel something bigger must exists but it is hardly verifiable. So, I feel more agnostic than anything else. I have not discarded it all. Though a lot. But I do find religion, and especially the bible, fascinating.

    Put into historical dimensions, people have always wanted to explain the bigger things in life. Now, als a society as a whole we have the means to make more discoveries than ever before and we find ourselves confronted with the truth of it: we are responsible for our own action and lethagy. There´s not something called security and conservatism. The sole aim of it contradicts everything in nature. Saying Satan has lead me. Sure. Your own desires have lead you. And when you want to see the devil, you´ll find him.

    I´m not sure where my journey will lead me. To a certain extend, I would like to know that. But at the other hand, why would I. There are chances, opportunities in every period of life. You just need to recognize them and make use of them.

    There´s a country in Europe where every year a celebration takes place on the 5th of december. It is called: SinterKlaas. Do not confuse it with Santa, although they share a few things in common.

    Here´s a link: http://www.sinterklaas.nl/flash/stoompageindex.html.

    If you think: He´s looks like a bishop, yes, your´re right. And it is amazing that a protestant/calvinistic country like the Netherlands it caught up every year in this celebration. May be it´s just a sign of their tolerance on other religions. I don´t know. What I do know is that the little kids all get exited about the presents they will get from SinterKlaas. however, in everyone´s life, there will come a time where the kid is confronted with the absolute truth: The gifts are not from SinterKlaas but from your family and relatives. The kid may have some problems over a period of some months with it. With the fact that he was lied to by his own parents for crying out loud; With the fact that something so cherished is absolute bogus, bullshit, wothless trash.

    There are kids who find out themselves. They may tell other kids in their class. Then they are reproved for shocking to the core the little ones who still profess to believe in Sinterklaas. All parents say: it is such a nice celebration. SinterKlaas really exists, look, he´s entering the country this year in whatever small place by boat from Spain.

    Yes, actually it is a n ice celebration, when you are up to recognizing the truth and not being manipulated by it anymore. Then you have the choice of not participating. And even when, it is of no concern. Just having a good time.

    Being a witness have taught a thing or two. One, it was one step on the road to Christian Freedom. Two, I learned not to care to much about the opinion of others when it comes to my life and the way I want to live it. There a more things, but maybe, in a future point in time is a better occasion to disclose it.

    But, as I have written in a previous post: It, the JW/ WT experience, has been a raft for crossing a river. Why hold on to it when it has served it purpose?

    So, am I left with a shattered faith? No. Like the man said: it´s the ability to see the unseen based on facts demonstrated here and now. No way in hell, you can be succesfull without faith. Without faith you cannot hold on to your ideals. Faith in your own abilities. Faith in the fact that there´s badness, enmity, hatred and distrust. But also faith in the fact that there´s goodness, friendship and trustworthy people, out there, even under very bad conditions.

    I was not maltreated by the JW/WT in the sense of so many others have already experienced. May be I will have my share of it later on. But it will not shatter my faith. It may make my life difficult for a time, but so be it. The world is a big playground.

    What has been shattered, though, is the idiocy of being a blind trusting fool. And as long as I see fit, I´m having a good time and trying to play my cards right.



  • lowden

    Being a JW didn't shatter my faith.....the bible and it's revolting, authoritarian, murdering bas&^rd god did that for me.

    I didn't read the bible properly until out of the org, without it's 'mother knows best' attitude hanging over me.

    The god of the bible (whoever he/she is) shattered my faith....makes me wanna puke!!



  • trevor

    Faith and belief are nothing more than states of mind which we have placed value on. Like all states of mind they are subject to change.

    Brittle minds are shattered when belief systems collapse and this teaches us to be prepared for change and development.

    A grasp of reality requires no belief system or faith - just courageous awareness and honesty

    I was an oak, now I’m a willow I can bend.

  • Dune

    I believe in an uncaring god now. Deism. I'm not downing anyone that's found god, spirituallity or some other form of enlightenment, but as a witness, you spend so much time criticizing all the other religions that by the time you leave, i dont see how anyone can believe any structured form of religion, let alone the bible. But thats just me.

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    I'm afraid it has... It has been a rude awakening.

    I could never have imagined doubting God.

    Seeing for instance how the majority of posters on this forum seem to have lost faith so fast has contributed a lot to demolish any simple confidence in a reconciliation of humanity with any creator.

    This could be a good thing. It forced me to think for myself - whether I liked it or not. It made me realize how lazy I had been in any attempt to connect to my creator. How self-centered and conditional the Big Brother Desert Island paradise prize game show really is: Eternal material bliss in my lifetime only will do for serving my maker. For those left out in the cold, would He have any reason or obligation to suddenly make Himself known?

    The purpose of human suffering and dying children is inexplicable. But so is the beauty in people and the spirit of a happy child.

    I am left with only realizing that the core message of Christianity is what life really is all about: selfless love. Rationally, that is to say. I do not see how I could or should ever discard that simple truth. Even without any further enlightenment or guarantee of eternal consciousness. I'll have to make do.


  • eyeslice

    No not shattered completely. However, after a lifetime in, religious life on the outside has been hard. I am still seeking to fine a new spiritual home, whether that been in Christianity, Budhism, Hinduism or nothing. Not sure yet.

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