Has being a Jehova's witness totally shattered your faith?

by Silvia Plath 47 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Silvia Plath
    Silvia Plath

    Just because the watchtower society is wrong doesn't mean that there is no God, nor does it mean there is a God. It would interesting to now how former members have adjusted thier cosmology, or whether they are now atheists and why. I personally see religion as a more personal matter, rather than belonging to an organization. My relationship with YHWH is private and uniquely individual, it is a relief not to have it approved through a GB, nor do I feel the need to "convert" anyone else. What they believe is thier business, besides people learn through actions, not brainwashing. By the way has anyone seen this film lambasting the WTS from 1984?


  • Satanus

    After leaving the wt belief, i was a christian for about 2 yrs. So no, it didn't break my faith in god. It was the internal bible problems and it's unreal flood story, and creation stories and how they do not line up w the scientific physical evidence that broke my faith in god. God could have stepped in to save me, but i guess he isn't there, or is on break.


  • JH

    Lets put it this way, the Watchtower cleared up some biblical truths, but made many knots in my faith at the same time, by not practising what they preach.

  • kid-A

    Having been "born in" to the borg, from my earliest recollections, I was skeptical of all things supernatural. I constantly asked questions as a child, had a naturally scientific inclination and demaned tangible proof of the "beliefs" other people tried to impose on me.

    As a career scientist in the life science domain, I am acutely aware that all subjective experiences may be explained at the level of neurophysiology, regardless of what "supernatural spin" we choose to put on our perceptions.

    People are either willing to question their belief systems or they are not by becoming educated about the scientific reality of the physical world (geological, biological and psychological). Once that is achieved, the blinders of superstition fall off like lead weights.

  • daystar

    By "faith" I assume you mean faith in the god of the Christians? Or do you mean faith in the bible? Or perhaps faith in people?

    I learned faith in myself and self-reliance rather than relegating responsibility for so much to some entity which may, or may not, exist outside of oneself. (Since really, we can never know for certain one way or another, such is the nature of our minds... all our truths are just as equally, also, lies.)

  • Stealth453

    Has being a Jehova's witness totally shattered your faith?

    In religion, belief, god, an after life....


    In the ability of big business to screw over about 6 million people.....


  • parakeet

    ***I personally see religion as a more personal matter, rather than belonging to an organization.***

    For many years after leaving the JWs, I was an atheist. Then I started reading about other religions: Christian, Judaism, Buddhism, Native American, Pagan, Wiccan. My present opinions (belief is too strong a word) are derived from aspects of all of these belief systems. They probably wouldn't make much sense to anyone else, but they work for me.

  • schne_belly

    Good questions:

    I was so very confused a few months ago. Leaving this religion really can mess you up. You have to retrain your thinking in so many ways.

    Not until recently did I finally realize that a lot of things regarding the Bible and God don't really matter. No one has the answers. It's hard to admitt that, when this religion taught you not to question anything they brainwashed you with!

    I still believe in God, I still strive to be a good person. Basically after that, I'm not sure....and that's okay. We all will find out eventually.

  • Seeker4

    Taking a close, critical look at the Witnesses totally shattered my faith in Jehovah's Witnesses.
    Taking a close, critical look at the Bible ended my faith in the Bible and Christianity.
    Taking a close critical look at God moved me to become an atheist.

  • Axelspeed

    Being a witness didn't shatter my faith.

    What it did do was cause me to realize that I needed to stop being a dupe and put a lot more faith in my own brain and thinking ability. From that point it was let the chips fall where they may.


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