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  • MsUrsy

    The last meeting I went to was a bookstudy in the hall. A young brother who was my daughters ex boyfriend decided that after his meeting, (different congregation, yet same hall with their meeting in a back room), he was going to come and sit 2 seats away from me for intimidation reasons, (they had a really bad break up because he was a habitual liar,and stalker and that was okay with the elders). The very next night was my daughters last meeting....when the ex showed up half way through in a suit, (even though his meeting was 2 nights before that, TMS), and as she left he followed her at a high rate of speed trying to run her off the road! We had to have him arrested on that little incident...we stayed away, and tried to fix it with the elders who refused to do much, and that was our whole family's last week at the Kingdom Hall! Thank you "ex" for your shove out of the cult!!

  • damselfly

    It was a Memorial 2003 (I think~maybe 2002)

    I had stopped going to all meetings two yeras early when I was attempting very sincerly to get reinstated and they threatned to DF my much loved Grandmother if she continued to LOOK at me during the meetings. They also told her that I was not to sit next to her and she was not to share her songbook with me.

    Anyway, for the next 2 years I only attended the memorial to please my mother, the last one was ridiculus. As I'm sitting there (in the back row of course ;-), I'm looking at everyone in the hall. The guys my age (early twenties) that I used to know where trying their hardest NOT to look at me, the girls were glaring at me, elder's wives were examining my outfit, elders were pretending I wasn't there, the little kids were to trying to talk to me (and quickly stopped of course). As the memorial started you could see the glazed looks come into everyone's eyes.

    That was it for me! Why did I ever want to be included with them? They weren't happy, they were miserable and tried to make everyone else feel the same way.


  • misspeaches

    Hard to pinpoint...
    My last meeting was supposed to be the same day as DamselFly's last meeting funninly enough!
    I'd been doing the great fade... progressively of course. Stopped going to bookstudies. Started going home at half time on Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings. It had been about a month that I hadn't been to a meeting.
    My friends invited me to come to their place for a meal before the memorial and we would all go together. So I didn't feel uncomfortable walking in and people wondering where I had been recently? They were kind people, in their minds they were being very sweet.
    And so I felt like I didn't want to let them down. I went to their place for dinner. It came time to leave for the memorial. And I decided there and then that I just couldn't go. All of a sudden Stubborn Miss Peaches showed up. And refused to go along. I felt awful for letting them down at the time but I literally couldn't go.
    That should have been my last meeting.

  • sass_my_frass

    I didn't actually go in the door. Somebody here had posted the radio interview that was happening with Mr Quotes; it was scheduled for 8 pm during a 7:30 meeting. I'd also just recently returned from honeymoon and Mr Frass was going out for the night since I was. I drove to the kh car park, and decided 'heck with it, I'll just go inside when the interview is over'. I listened to music, listened to the interview and the total pounding that he'd taken by WBTS, and couldn't be bothered playing the game that night, so I went home, it was nice. I didn't realise that it was my last meeting at the time, but the next time I tried the kh had been demolished (they were talking about renos before I went away so I wasn't surprised) but as I didn't know where they were being held now and didn't care anyway, I just slowly came around to the idea of not ever seeing the family again, and working out how to tell them.

    Now I'm so glad for that interview!

  • sass_my_frass
    My last meeting was the day they had decided to reinstate me. Suckers.

    Kudos man, kudos!

  • snarf

    October 2004. A talk was being given about how Jehovah keeps his organization clean. After 2 years of abusive hell from a witness family, I knew I was at a breaking point. I got up in the middle of the talk, gathered my belongings and my daughter, went home and booked a trip for the two of us to Maine for a week and never went back to the kingdom hall. I knew I would have a parade of "friends" calling and stopping by so we went off and had an amazing week of fun as far away as we could get.

  • FreeFromWTBS

    I started reading some of Russell. I had attended my first Bible Students Meetings. I was going to still go to book study and compare the the two groups. My last meeting was a book study. The following weekend two Elders showed upto my door with a letter I wrote to the Society questioning their policy against abuse. The Elder told me if a women couldn't prove she was abused, he would tell her to return to her husband. I told him how dangerous and sad that was and I never attended another JW meeting.

  • Nowman

    My last meeting was sometime in October of 1992. It was a Tuesday meeting. My parents begged me to come one more time, and so I did. I really only agreed to it because I thought this would help the shunning thing that was going to happen once I was DFd (I had not been at that point). It was such a scandal that I was there. I sat in the back row. There were way to many people getting up the go the bathroom just to get a look at me. I was so amused. I am sure it was very exciting. I kept looking around, and noticed how people would keep looking back at me, to just sneak that one look in with the hopes that I would not notice, but I was staring, for the fun of it. See, when I left, it was a shock to the congregation. We were known as this very spiritual family, but no one knew what went on behind closed doors. I had told no one. I planned my escape for three months, and left one day after I had spent the day out in service (I was a regular pioneer at the time, and mom too). My parents never in a million years would ever think I would have the balls to run away and never come back. So, that last time, was it for me and never have been in a KH since, just driving by one gives the willies.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    January 2006 gave my last assigned TMS talk felt obliged to fulfill my assignment ,but I knew it was going to be my last. That sunday at the talk I looked over at my husband and saw how truly unhappy he was being there . I said "let's go home ". We didn't return .

  • done4good

    I started to fade around November of last year, (actually, the events of the last 5 years culminated in this, but that's another story). January 2006 was the last of jv at the kh.


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