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  • Grammy

    I don't remember the exact date but it was spring of 2001, I had begun to miss quite a few meetings and was already visiting sites of ex-jw's but I do remember it was a Sunday meeting and I had to fight with myself just to sit there and listen to what I knew were all husband worked in the literature room so I could never leave right away...that day not one person approached me to talk after the meeting which never happened before I became irregular at meetings, I walked up to a group of my friends 'sisters' and they all just ignored me so I just sat down in my seat until my husband was ready to leave and vowed to never return and I haven't and never will.

  • DannyBloem

    my last meeting,

    last thursday. nothing happened, it was boring like hell

  • cruzanheart

    It was the latter part of May 2002. I hadn't been to a meeting in about a month because our then 6-year-old Jackson had developed a nasty virus that ended with post-viral arthritis. He'd been in screaming pain around the clock from the pain in his joints and the doctors said all we could do was feed him adult-strength Motrin every four hours. He finished Kindergarten in a wheelchair because he couldn't stand. (Fortunately, this is a 4-6 week condition that goes away completely with no permanent effects -- it's a rare virus that just has to run its course.)

    I felt bad that we hadn't been to any meetings. Of course, no one had called or come by to check on us. Why bother? I was a woman with two kids and a husband who had wisely quit going to meetings 15 years before. I was nobody.

    I dressed the kids for the Sunday meeting and took Jackson in his wheelchair. Out of 150 people, only two people asked me half-heartedly what happened to him. I did a slow boil during the meeting and got angrier minute by minute. How dare these people talk so pompously about how much better they are than everyone else? How dare they look down their noses at people who weren't Jehovah's Witnesses? I had total strangers stop me on the street to ask what was wrong with Jackson and offer words of comfort.

    As we were leaving after the meeting was over, the Presiding Overseer came up to me and said, "what happened to HIM?" I started to tell him and after about 10 seconds, he impatiently interrupted me and said, "well, Jehovah will give you strength to endure" and walked off.

    I stomped out, fuming, and went home and told my husband that was IT, I was never going back. And I never did. I went to part of one meeting when my dad had his first Theocratic Ministry School talk after he got reinstated, and took him to a book study group one weekend when he stayed with us -- before the Witnesses drove him to blow his brains out in February 2003 -- but I never again considered myself one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Even if they did have THE Truth, I didn't want to spend forever with these people.

    And we've lived happily ever after ever since.


  • Gill

    ((((((( Nina )))))))))) Sorry for the loss of your father. Glad that your son is better now. My last meeting was a Tuesday group. I felt anxious before I got there with the kids. My husband kindly dropped us off, he'd stopped going a year or so before. When I got in I knew I DID NOT WANT TO BE THERE. I started to shake and my stomach began to churn. I found I could not stay in the room and kept having to go out. I couldn't bear to be there. I couldn't bear to hear this crap anymore, even though at that time I still didn't know what real manure it was. I just knew something was WRONG. I'd known that my whole life but couldn't put my finger on what was wrong except that I HATED EVERYTHING THERE WAS ABOUT BEING A JW. That evening was the beginning of the end for me. I suppose, I had some kind of break down. In a way, I went back to childhood for a while and got in touch with myself, my feelings I had ignored my whole life, and realised that I was right, yes I was right!!!! Jw land was total bull shit and fantasy. It's funny how you remember your last meeting. It's like FINALLY you get to grow up. FINALLY you are free!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    My last meeting was in October last year, on a Tueday evening. I had been missing more meetings than I was attending for a few months, but was still clinging on. I had been receiving some strong counsel from the elders, especially the po, for talking to a da'd person, and he had another go at me that night. He made various threats, and I went home really upset, and decided not to go again. A few weeks later, I da'd myself.

  • candidlynuts

    the last one i went to was when i was still married. no one ever talked to me, if i talked TO someone they'd hurriedly find somewhere else to be.. ... then i'd have to listen to the talks about all the " christian love in the spiritual paradise" got sick every time i went and had panic attacks. finaly told the ex that i was an adult and if i didnt want to go, i wasnt going to. that got me slammed into a few walls in a christian love kinda way on sunday , tuesdays and thursdays..but oh well.

  • Insomniac

    I'd been drifting away, discouraged, disenchanted, disgusted. I hadn't been to the k-hall in a few months, and decided I wasn't going to miss the Memorial. Only two people spoke to me, and I got a lot of dirty looks. I should point ouut that I was not df'ed or on reproof, just sick and inactive. After the talk, I ducked into the ladies' room, where an elder's wife told me I was a whore. I'm grateful to her, as she made my decision to never return an easy one.

  • tijkmo

    memorial too for me...2005...i had set it as a date for certain slanderous remarks to be addressed..but nothing got done cos it was elders who had made the remarks...

    at the memorial one of the elders made a fool of one of the ms servers who he thought had made a mistake but in fact hadnt

    after it finished one person spoke to me briefly

    no-one noticed me leave

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    It was a Sunday in September 2003. I had taken three or four vacation days that month on Sunday to attend the meetings. I had taken the shift that caused me to miss meetings about a year earlier, and was [subconsciencly I think] evaluating my position with the organization.

    In retrospect that job change was the best thing I ever did - it got me out of the indoctrinal meetings long enough to start seeing thru.

    I have no idea what went on at that last one - but I am sure it was a cardboard replica of ten thousand before it.

    Neat thread Vitty.


  • elliej

    I can't even remember my last meeting, that is how inconsequential it was. But I do remember the last visit I had from an elder to encourage me. He told me how important it is to be at the meetings, to be with "Jehovah's People" because it is soooooooooo close to the end. I just smiled and nodded, said I knew, and closed the door while he repeated that the end is coming.

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