How many ex-jws move out of town to start over?

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  • orbison11

    i moved, about an hours drive out of vancouver, bc... with a suitcase,,,,bad credit from divorce,,,no children talking to me,,no family,,,sheesh,,what drugs was i on:)

    even had to go to churches for food,,,was quite the lifestyle change,,no more hawaii trips for me alrighty

    started from under a rock,,a big rock,,,it is a small city, 90,000 , so glad i did

    my job allows me to be personal with ladies in town, and i now have many many close girlfriends,,and offers for a life,,when i am ready for it,,not quite ready for it though


  • Stealth453

    (Off topic: I propose a resolution to the forum that we cease capitalizing "jw" because it gives undue respect to an organization that doesn't deserve it. Anyone ready to second the motion?)

    In case no one else has, I SECOND THE MOTION

  • collegegirl21

    I moved out of town, but I come home for my parents meeting when they want me to (since I am not DF'ed yet). When I am done with school I am going to move farther away. I want to leave the state and start my life over where no one will know me.

  • sass_my_frass

    I did it once, but it was a disatrous failure; I moved from the west coast to the east coast, the plan being to make new friends and start over. Unfortunately I met a non-jw guy on the way, and didn't want the family to think I was leaving because of him. I also happened to make friends in the biggest group of losers in town and went running back to the meetings.

    Second-time around; I only had to move to the other side of the city, and now I don't see any of the old ghosts.

  • delilah

    NOPE......this is my town, they will not chase me out. I stayed here, and it's been 8 years or so, since I faded. They won't bother with me though, and when I see them on the street, they quickly turn and run in the opposite direction.

    .........don't know what I've done, I haven't sprouted horns and a tail, or anything....

  • Scully

    We moved across town. New congregation territory, new circuit, and never darkened the door of a Kingdom Hall since.

    At first it was a bit awkward. As it turned out a [jw] couple from the new congregation lived a few doors away from us, and was friends with someone in the old congregation. They kept dropping in to spy on us let us know we were missed at the Kingdom Hall. When the Sisterâ„¢ told us that we were missed, I laughed in her face and said "How could anyone possibly miss us? We've never even been there!! How can you expect me to believe anything you say after lying to me like this?" She never came back and we noticed that they moved out a month or so afterward. LOL

    PS: There are posts here in the archives from "tallyman" who always referred to Jehovah's Witnesses using a lower case "j". He said it was a reflection of their puny god. You'll know a "tallyman" post whenever you see it represented like this: jW.

  • blondie

    We didn't move; but then we aren't df'd or da'd. We do occasionally run into JWs who are polite but cautious......don't know we might be contagious. I can see you have an extended JW family or friends and are overactive in butting into your life, that you would want to move. We could depend on the lack of interest of the local congregation.

    Eventually, we will move and look forward to the anonymity.

    Of course, starting over means not telling your JW family where you live or they will sic the local congregation on you.


  • esw1966

    I moved out of the State! It was the BEST thing for me!

    I moved from Green Bay Wisconsin to Manhattan where I lived in my van on the streets for 2 months and then I moved to Bellingham, Washington which I LOVE TREMENDOUSLY!

    Now I am contemplating moving 2 hours away from Green Bay to live in Madison so that I am able to see my 3 daughters who are strong witnesses.

    I HATE the idea of even going back to Wisconsin. Being in Washington for a year has given me everything I needed! I despise Wisconsin for the jws that are there. I want NOTHING to do with them! But I want what is best for my kids and so I may move soon. My fear is that they will reject me for my non-witness beliefs and I will be STUCK there.

    I FULLY support anyone to get away from their bad situation. You really need a new start. You will get such a fresh perspective! It will give you the chance to start anew and away from such NEGATIVITY!

  • CountryGuy

    I did a move/fade. I moved to another state. Did almost everything I was supposed to do for about a year. This included moving my publisher's card and attending the DC. (It just so happened that my old cong and my new cong were both assigned to the same city on the same weekend.)

    Once I graduated and moved to Texas, I left town and they never heard from me again. I never even hinted to the elders that I was leaving town after graduation. Of course, I ran into jws in the new city in Texas (they cleaned the office I worked in), but they had no idea who I was, or what I used to be. I even attended the Memorial one year to see what it would be like to attend as an "interested one." The Memorial in 1998 was the very last time I ever set foot on wts soil.

    Then, about three years ago, I decided to move back to Arkansas, but live in a different city than the cong I attended. I have run into a few jws I know, but for the most part I'm left alone. Since I never DF'd or DA'd, I'm only shunned by about half of them. The other half just make small talk and remove themselves from the conversation quickly.


  • lv4fer

    We moved from California to Nevada. I had family (non-witness) that lived in Las Vegas. We needed a new start. It was difficult for my husband to run into people he had known since he was a child and them not even look at him.

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