Oh MAN are they ever annoyed in Brooklyn!

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  • Earnest


    Are individuals under spirit direction more or less prone than individuals under inspiration to make mistakes in spiritual matters?

    Is someone claiming spirit direction less accountable for spiritual errors than someone claiming inspiration?

    All good questions and I knew I was opening a can of worms in making that distinction but just couldn't help myself. In the Roman Catholic Church my understanding is that when the pope speaks on doctrine it is only viewed as infallible if he speaks ex cathedra. Anything else he says still carries his authority but doesn't have the same weight as scripture. The GB or any other individual among JWs can never speak ex cathedra in the sense that what is said has the same weight as scripture.

    If you must do what they say or lose God's grace then they've gone too far...If someone who is anything less [than inspired] tells me what to do why MUST I follow them?

    Exactly. Only scripture should carry weight, everything else should simply be guidance.


  • Terry
    Exactly. Only scripture should carry weight, everything else should simply be guidance.

    Honestly, realistically and historically there is no more reason to trust the pronouncements of men who wrote scripture than to accept blindly the theories and conjectures of the Watchtower gang in Brooklyn. It all looks good on paper, doesn't it?

    Does anybody doubt there is sufficient demonstration by textual critics that the bible is a process of tampering, pious fraud, redaction with agenda and a hodge-podge of folk wisdom represented as history?

    If you DO doubt--why don't you read a little more of what reluctant scholars (real scholars) have concluded about the veracity of scripture?

    Everything we depend upon for "information" about God and "approved behavior" is quicksand.

    We are fooling ourselves at all times on this subject if we assert (because it reassures us) we have a firm foundation of inspiration. We don't!

    The Watchtower anointed are self-delusional, self-important and downright annoying in their confidence world events center on THEM.

    It only becomes a dangerous delusion when other people believe it too and listen to every pronouncement as though it weren't fanciful gibberish.

    Religion is only a tool of comfort if we don't plunge into the delusional aspects of it. It is like taking too many tranquilizers. One might make life more palatable, but, fifity can send you packing.

  • fjtoth
    why don't you read a little more of what reluctant scholars (real scholars) have concluded about the veracity of scripture?

    And where is the well-laid-out beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt evidence that the anti-Bible guys are the "real" scholars?

  • Nosferatu

    FYI, they can't DF one of their legal dumb-dumbs for saying the F word. They need all the legal help they can get!

  • MinisterAmos
    No, LDH, I am insinuating that a spokesman for the legal department would not cuss in a conversation he had good reason to believe was being recorded.

    I'll forgive your IGNORANCE of telecommunication laws because Brits tend to be somewhat, um, uninformed of such things. Your country's lack of laws for advocating personal privacy and a Bill of Rights or Constitution would tend to make you suspicious of those who take such things for granted. How sad for you! I guess having your every movement recorded by Government cameras like they are in your country kind of makes one less appreciative of privacy. How Orwellian!

    This issue is addressed by various federal laws. It is illegal for even the FBI to record private personal communications without at least one party being aware of it barring obtaining a search warrant from a judge.

    Had you bothered to listen to LDH's recording, you would have heard a sound recurring every 10 seconds or so. This is a further privacy safe-guard that we enjoy here which informs BOTH parties that there is a recording device capturing the conversation.

    Mr. "Spokesman" (again they were loathe to give names) was thus well aware there was no recorder and able to act his frat-boy self.

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    What is this referring too? Is there a link to back this up and explain.

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    LDH is a "Spiritual Fox!"


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