Napa Valley, CA Child Abuse Court Case Victories

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  • rebel8

    Thanks for sharing these documents.

    The California law explicitly states that confession is made to ONE member of the clergy, which automatically disqualifies a COMMITTEE.

    Please, please.....God, if you are out there.....please don't let the WTS twist this around into a new rule barring rapists from attending judicial committees.

  • outnfree

    I am so THRILLED to read this news!!!! THANK you, Kimberlee and the brave Charlisse W. et al.

    As AlanF pointed out (hi, Alan! ) the second point stating that Watchtower does not qualify concerning penitent-clergy privilege is huge!

    Kimberlee, please tell me that your clients will not capitulate: settling and signing a gag-order.

    Thanks (((Barb))), for posting this.


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    IT Support


  • hartstrings

    Barbara and Kimberlee, Thanks for the info on the court date (or lack thereof). So it is the judge's responsiblity to set the date and it has yet to be set? I'm assuming that since this is a civil trial that things so slower? Could it be another year, more?

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    You see, I can still check in with JWD AND study for the bar exam (21 days, and I think I can say I now have personal jurisdiction down. Thanks for the Civil Procedure review Barbara )


  • DanTheMan
    Watch Tower PA has also collected substantial amounts in California for what can only be characterized as insurance premiums, regardless of how they are labeled by the defendant.

    oh, SNAP!!!

    I like this Judge.

  • candidlynuts

    this is great.. thanks for posting it.

    question that comes to my mind though is , in light of recent postings of an elder manual where handwritten instructions to destroy any documentation of past sexual molestion of minors if a man is made elder, wouldn't these records of Mr. V have been destroyed by watchtower headquarters back when he was appointed?

  • FairMind
    The WTS will settle out of court. Lots of dollars and a non-disclosure agreement. They will never allow this to go to a jury

    At least the precedence will be established. Also, maybe someone will not give in to the offer of money and will based on principle demand their day in court!

  • Quandry

    The Attorney firm of Love and Norris are really working hard and are to be congratulated for their tenacity. They are in for the fight of their careers. The WTS undoubtedly has a barrage of lawyers working overtime (but on their meager living allowances of course).

    As to the Organization being a Pennsylvania based, and not California based organization, were we not at one time a part of Jehovah's WORLDWIDE Organization?

  • moshe

    Even if they win the case at trial, they have to win on an appeal to establish any precedent. This could be the end of the Star Chamber judicial committee.

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