Do you love/care for people here?

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  • lonelysheep

    I do. I care about all of you. I love some of you and have told you that, some I love and haven't told (yet). For some of us, those here truly are family and friends.

    Do you walk away from your screen thinking, "I don't care about them, they're posts, not people." After all, it is a message board. Do you walk away from your screen feeling like no one here cares about you for the same reasons?

    It's a message board I wouldn't have been able to do without. From here, I've been able to talk to people at thom's and meet a lot of you.

    What are your thoughts?

  • whyamihere

    Well I am fond of many people on here......

    I have always had many friends through out life. However, being on here I have made "close" friends not acquaintances. Sharing the same past, the camaraderie with such ones on JWD makes the friendship much stronger. Buttlight, she is the one I am more close with. We talk all the time and we laugh all day. I couldn't live with out her, I love her very much.


  • misanthropic

    I agree Loneylsheep. I have posted on other message boards that are not JW related, but because I feel so much of the same things alot of people here do and have gone through similar experiences I feel connected to the people here. When someone shares something they are going through, sometimes I may not post but I find myself thinking about them and hoping they are dealing ok.

  • KW13

    i could at one point, turn off the screen and turn you all off but now your all good friends i care about the site and folks here.

    nice topic btw

  • juni

    I most certainly care for the people here. They have been candid about their experiences in the org. and how they are coping now. Anyone who has been through trauma needs their feelings to be validated and they need a listening ear. I have found many here are willing to listen and offer a "shoulder" to lean on.

    Only if you've LIVED the JW lifestyle can you REALLY appreciate what we have gone through. Others can only imagine, but they still want to be a support. That is practicing true kindness toward others.


  • Brigid

    Of course I love and care about everyone here (even the difficult ones lol!). This is our tribe, is it not? We, who live between worlds? We can never go back and most don't want to (I don't) but not able to fully integrate without baggage in the "real world".

    I love you all.

    Love and Light,


  • Jourles

    Are you kidding? I've made more friends from here than I ever did at the hall(s). At least you can speak your mind and no one will turn you in to the elders. Differences of opinions are just that. Nobody here has a monopoly on the truth(unlike someplace else). Even with the Dem vs. Rep threads - people may have very heated disagreements, but in the end we're all still friends.

    It probably helps to have that one common enemy in Brooklyn...and as Danny always says, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." - ancient Arab proverb

  • IP_SEC
    Do you love/care for people here?

    Very much so.

  • Warlock

    Since I only post during the week, my regret is the weekend, because, as silly as it might sound, I do love and care for the people here, and I think of them on the weekend.

    I have also made some p.m. friends and love them very much. When I first started lurking, I really didn't like most of the posts, but I just kept reading and started to see others felt like me.

    I finally found a place where I fit in, but I never, ever thought it would be with heathens and apostates. Ha, ha, ha.

    Warlock (the loving one)

  • Quandry

    I agree with Juni-only former witnesses could possibly understand what we have gone through. Other people would think we are crazy. They could never imagine what disfellowshipping can do to a family, or what hurtful words from the elders can do to your self-esteem. They could never imagine having at one time believed that when the "higher ups" said 1975 would be a "special year" so much that some sold everything they had and quit their jobs, or that there would be such devastation upon finding out about the United Nations scandal.

    I have only been on this forum for a short time, but I too have heard some heart-wrenching things and understood the pain.

    I read an article by Marlo Thomas, daughter of late actor Danny Thomas. It was You Can be Better or You Can be Bitter. I am heartened when some announce that they are going to return to college to contribute to society and that they still want to treat others the way they would like to be treated. May we all become better, and encourage our friends on this forum to do so.

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