Shocking Announcement: Society feels Armaggedon coming this year?

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  • Highlander

    even though deep in the burrows of his diseased mind he realizes that this gimmick is losing it's effectiveness

    Yep, it's definitely losing effectiveness. It'll also come back to haunt them too. They are living on borrowed time, and that bill will eventually come due.

  • Check_Your_Premises
    Well I have alot of connections at Bethel, and I can confirm that there WILL in fact be a shocking announcement sometime in September in the Kingdom Ministry.

    If you have inside info on a change in doctrine PLEASE do tell.

    I would LOVE to get all the dubs I know to commit in the strongest and utmost terms that the existing light is "just what the Bible says".

    Then when the change comes I will say nothing... I will only ask "so how was the meeting?"


  • Mary
    If you have inside info on a change in doctrine PLEASE do tell.

    Um....didn't you read my full post?

  • Check_Your_Premises
    Um....didn't you read my full post?


    But seriously.... I think we all sense that there is some new light in the works... They seem to be priming the sheep to accept some new light. If I had to venture a guess, it would be related to the annointed being closed off in 1935. First of all it has absolutely NO basis in scripture. And obviously there can't be an unlimited number of the 144000 who fell away, unless the ones that replace the ones who fell away then themselves fall away... unless you just get to like ten unfillable slots where these rotten bastards just keep falling away and so do their replacements...

    That one has got to go!

    Maybe a good Armageddon scare is a good way to get the drones a little more committed before they tell them some "teaching" they have been yammering about for about a century was completely off.... we wouldn't want that to imply that they don't have Jah's direction.


  • evergreen

    Why don't we have a wild guess; maybe the shocking announcement is allowing Sisters to give public Talks. Now that would be shocking!!!!

    Lol , just kidding ladies.

    By the way who is that gorgoeus looking lady in that avatar Mary? Is it you?

  • TheListener


    I feel that there is some new light coming up. The sheep are being primed.

    But, I really don't think it has anything to do with 1935. They wouldn't prime the sheep as heavily as they are for that. Let's face it that is a doctrine that most dubs don't even know much less care about. The WTS could change that tomorrow in an Awake articel and noone would even notice - well, we would.

    It's gotta be something that will affect the everyday life of the dubs for the run up to the change to be so dramatic.

    Let's face it, several WT study articles, bookstudy, reviewing the OM book, DC focus and various meeting parts have all been about DO WHAT THE FDS SAYS EVEN IF IT DOESN'T MAKE TOTAL SENSE.

    1935? No. Something that his each dub in their daily life? Yes.

    What is it? I have no clue. They didn't even pump things up this much for the 1995 generation change.

  • Mary

    Although I'm sure the Governing Body are just itching to put another date on Armageddon in order to stir everyone one up (yet again), surely they must realize that their stupid doctrines only have so many lives, and they're on Number 9 right now. If they were stoooopid enough to declare yet again that Armageddon will be here before the snow flies and it doesn't show up (99.9999% chance of it not showing up), that won't be another nail in their coffin, that'll be a huge wooden stake right in their head. They simply cannot afford another fiasco like 1914 or 1975. The fallout this time would be a hundred times worse, thanks to the internet.

    If they do have some sort of "shocking announcement", I'm betting it won't amount to a hill of beans and is probably something really mundane.

    Evergreen asked: By the way who is that gorgoeus looking lady in that avatar Mary? Is it you?

    Heavens no! I'm much better looking that the's the real me:


  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    The R&F love these rumors. The whole thing give a air of importance of the work and an feeling of imminence to the GT.

    As I am part of the e-Watchman thread posted, I feel somewhat qualified to comment here. The post was meant as humorous HYPERBOLE.

  • Ozner

    This rumour was told in our Kingdom Hall in the Netherlands in may!

    The end is coming this year, and the elders already know, was told us here in the Amsterdam region.

  • evergreen

    Lol Mary, That photo just about knocked me sideways!!!!

    What a babe lol

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