Shocking Announcement: Society feels Armaggedon coming this year?

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  • Warlock

    They are just recycling all the themes they have used in the past.

    Besides, the Bible says no one knows the day or the hour. Any bible student would know that, right?


  • Gopher
    The new light is that Jesus has a total of 7 comings.

    Apparently Jesus comes and goes at the discretion of the Watchtower Society.

  • NewYork44M

    The R&F love these rumors. The whole thing give a air of importance of the work and an feeling of imminence to the GT.

    Nothing will take place other than another lame tract. The last time I got excited about a tract was in the early 70s. That was the last and only time I ever got close to passing out my 50 tract allotment.

  • Leolaia

    I also highly doubt that they will make this claim. The year is already half over ... what sort of pay off will there be with only a few months? Usually they make such predictions a few years in advance, allowing them to profit from the run-up.

  • minimus

    WOW! Jesus came a lot!!

  • sir82

    I'm thinking the Society has to hate stuff like this. All it does is get the R&F all keyed up, only to be let down when they find out it's just another tract campaign.

    Probably what happened in the e-watchman poster's congregation was that the elders read the letter about the tract distribution, but they aren't allowed to say anything yet (ther is a "Confidential" warning in big bold letters at the top of the BOE letter).

    Some elder there enjoys being the center of attention, so he "let it slip" that there is a "big announcement" coming up in September, but he "can't say what it is yet." Maybe, in a month or 2, when his popularity fades a bit, he drop another hint like ("the big secret announcement is coming up! It hassomething to do with the fall of Babylon the Great!!!")

    I've know elders who really get off on the pretense that they know some super-cool secret, and are just dying to tell, but can't.

    As I mentioned before, the more this kind of cloak & dagger stuff is played up, the more disappointed the R&F are going to be.

  • blondie

    To get every JW and non-JW ready for 1975, the WTS had six tracts distributed from 9/73 to 11/75. Note the titles.

    KINGDOM NEWS NO. 16 DISTRIBUTED 9/21-30, 1973 (Is Time Running Out for Mankind?)

    KINGDOM NEWS NO. 17 DISTRIBUTED 12/22-31, 1973 (Has Religion Betrayed God and Man?)

    KINGDOM NEWS NO. 18 DISTRIBUTED 5/3-12, 1974 (Government by God—Are Your For It?—Or Against It?

    KINGDOM NEWS NO. 19 DISTRIBUTED 11/1-10, 1974 (Is This All There is to Life?)

    KINGDOM NEWS NO. 20 DISTRIBUTED 5/2-11, 1975 (Would You Welcome Some Good News?)

    KINGDOM NEWS NO. 21 DISTRIBUTED 11/1-10, 1975 (Your Future—Shaky or Secure?)

    Maybe the end came invisibly then.........not Blondie

  • Check_Your_Premises
    I think these are the usual mind tricks to keep the dubs motivated they have said numerous times that the big A is just round the corner in recent years and now they are making it more dramatic "a shocking announcement in September", there will probably be nothing announced during that month.

    So here you are, head of a creepy cult. You might believe you really are the head of God's organization, maybe you don't. But you do notice that the numbers of people buying into the silly notion that you really ARE chosen by God are dwindling. Can't have that! That would imply that you really aren't chosen by God! That would either mean that you your entire egomaniacal worldview is about to collapse or you are going to start running out of money or both.

    So what do you do? Well the number one charmer that always worked in the past was the whole "hey we got the inside skinny that Armageddon is imminent". It really does work like a charm. So many people will sign up for it as a way to seek shelter from the world around. And even if it doesn't come true, not that many leave out of disgust, rather they become more dedicated! That way they don't have to face the awful truth that they are suckers! The need to be consistent can keep a sucker at the black jack table long after he has lost the mortgage, and keep a dufus in a doomsday cult way past the armegeddon date.

    The problem with this trick is that it damages your credibility to future would be minions. You got to get them hooked before their friends and family find out what a silly bunch of bastards you are. And with the internet and information becoming so accessible it is really hard to push the armageddon button to often.

    So the trick is to say you know armageddon is here, without sticking your neck out to far and leaving all sorts of evidence you said such a thing... "plausible deniability" is the phrase you learn from those evil worldy governments!

    But even that is getting harder with all these wascally apostates quoting you in print and even putting tapes of convention and assembly talks!

    Hey I know... lets start a rumor! Just have a few uber-minions give a talk here and there about how Armageddon is going to happen this year! It will spread like wildfire among the tired, huddled masses out in service, yearning to be free. They will be inspired to go out in service more and sell this silly rumor!!! We could start a special campaign to really stoke the fires of desperation among the desperate. Then when New Years Day comes, and the little dubbies are sitting around drinking their coffee since everyone else on the planet is hung over and wouldn't answer their door, they will have a moment of clarity. They will think, "hey, Armageddon didn't come!!!"

    But quickly their mind will recover and they will remind themselves that they didn't really believe it... just like they didn't think the end was going to come in 1975! And the society didn't say that it was going to come.... and they are just imperfect men anyway...


    And the head of the creepy cult, boosts his numbers and consoles himself that the numbers came up for the year even though deep in the burrows of his diseased mind he realizes that this gimmick is losing it's effectiveness, that the religion itself is intellectually bankrupt and cannot engage in any open rational debate rather it relies on threats and pathetic cries of apostate to control information and silence dissent....


  • Mary
    However we have found out that there is going to be an announcement sometime in September and it is supposed to be shocking. Elders already know...........Whatever it is, it is supposed to be top secrect and unbelievable.

    Well I have alot of connections at Bethel, and I can confirm that there WILL in fact be a shocking announcement sometime in September in the Kingdom Ministry. It is so shocking and unbelievable that the Governing Body are worried about the effect it will have on some Witnesses who find change a difficult thing. The announcement that will be made earthwide at the time will be that after careful research of the scriptures, countless prayers and new insight, that Publishers can count time on their Service Report merely by opening their eyes in the morning.

    Surely this is another fine indication that Jehovah is BLESSING His Organization! (clap! clap! clap! clap! clap! clap! clap! clap!)


  • glitter

    Three months ago one of the GB gave a talk to a select few in Miami in Romanian and revealed the new light and said it will be released soon. The new light is that Jesus has a total of 7 comings in all. This is obviously their attempt to explain the 1914 "coming". That's all I know.

    A "select few" and in a foreign language sets my bullshit alarm off... (not saying anything against you! :)).

    There's another religion that teaches Jesus came 7 times isn't there - it rings a bell, certainly.

    I do love me some wacky New Light! :D

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