Shocking Announcement: Society feels Armaggedon coming this year?

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    Seek2find, I think you're on to something! Wow, does that make sense! They can grumble around about how soooooon Armageddon is coming, but they wouldn't dare predict another date. Also, they need revenue, so forcing the issue of being required to report time could get more butts out in servitude service. Pressure would increase on teens who are lukewarm to get baptized and pioneer, or move out of Mom and Dads house. College would be even more discouraged, as preaching is pushed more aggressively. Peer pressure would ratchet up on Sunday attenders, to get more deeply involved. Yep, this works! Whatever it is, would be in Crooklyn's best interests, and your idea meets their selfish needs very well!

  • BizzyBee

    In 100+ years, has the WTS ever come up with anything that is really news?

    Come on - a n y t h i n g?

    Just one thing?

    Even a small thing? Tiny thing?

    Please, anything - I'm beggin' ya' - ?

  • enochrodofiron

    I didn't bother with jehovahs-witness. people about the return of the Christ because unlike paid religionist I don't ask for money or donations, even the people on this site are too pre occupied with their petty concerns to know exactly how bad the world around them is. I just came here because I thought someone might be interested in knowing what many non religious people know in the media who stopped laughing after the last prophetic warning came true about a 9.6 earthquake being aa foretaste to the 10 point I warned Bush about in Anchorage Alaska. Bush stopped laughing after Katrina, he was warned for two years to have a rapid deployment force for natural disasters ready by me, also he was warned not to go into Iraq until he had a government ready to take over, He listen better now.

    Date:Mon, 12 Jun 2006 04:43:18 -0700 (PDT)
    From:Enoch rod of Iron
    Subject:Enoch; Rice, Rumsfield, CIA, USMC GEN.CMD. Pantcheez, Congress
    To:[email protected], [email protected]
    CC:[email protected], "cbn" <[email protected]>, [email protected]

    And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father. Believe me the job is not all that it is cracked up to be most of the time it means being alone and considered insane by very nice and loving people.e must act as one against the beast. We must think as a government in exile. Let us learn to do so. We must remember that we must all hang together otherwise we will surely be hanged separately, Benjamin Franklyn.

    Let us examine other governments in Exile to learn the logic and the means to passively resist the beast but keep spiritual pressure on all world leaders to remind them as they watch Saddam Hussein in trial that it is a precursor to all those that exercise authority now that Christ is coming and he is not deceived as the children are by the False church and her “good works” Lets find out everything we can on the Tibet government in Exile." :President George W. Bush is the 43rd President of the United States and was sworn in for a second term on January 20, 2005. The Doctrine of Eternal Punishment</INPUT> As of this date all persons working for the United States government regarding prisoners in Cuba will be subject to trial and charges for mistreatment of prisoners upon the return of the Lord Jesus Christ..Guantanamo torture The U.S. government has classified the detainees in Camp X-Ray as "illegal combatants," rather than prisoners of war (POWs), which they claim means that they do not have to be conferred the rights granted to POWs under the Geneva Conventions (at least under that convention). The U.S. government justifies this designation by claiming that they do not have the status of either regular soldiers nor that of guerrillas, and they are not part of a regular army or militia. In July of 2003, about 680 alleged Taliban members and suspected Al-Qaeda members from 42 different countries were housed there. None have been allowed to meet with attorneys. The human rights organization Human Rights Watch has criticized the Bush administration over this designation in its 2003 world report, stating: "Washington has ignored human rights standards in its own treatment of terrorist suspects. It has refused to apply the Geneva Conventions to prisoners of war from Afghanistan, and has misused the designation of "illegal combatant" to apply to criminal suspects on U.S. soil." see The Doctrine of Eternal Punishment</INPUT> click on.
  • enochrodofiron


    Monday, February 20, 2006

    New York puff goes the magic dragon by who?

    Let Congress and the Federal government do what they want, in less than three years most of them will be behind bars when Christ return anyway. They strip people of their rights, lie cheat and steal and think they can get away with it because that is how governments always work. The people of the United States are a market share for business and the government is the business world cheer leader. Well that is all about to change. The real owner of Planet earth is about to return and he has other ideas. see Trust in the unseen God not the Government. The Government of the United States of America is truly the finest Government money can buy. That is why it cost so much to run for office, you have to sell your soul over not only to Lucifer but all his helpers as well. Last Night God gave me a prophetic dream this last one ended with the moment before the USA deploys and drops a Nuclear weapon over one of its own cities to prevent its own political governmental destruction. Our Government is so afraid of telling the truth it would destroy its own infra structure rather than let its own citizens realize how much they have been deceived. Understand from childhood their is an innate justice meter in our soul. That is the God within trying to make us line up our Life to his standard.By trusting in the unseen God we learn to trust and let God control the world we live by seeking to do his will and asking for knowledge of that will to be carried out. On paper 150 million Americans believe in God 80% Christian imagine what this world would be like with 150 million Americans who took Christ as serious as those that come to our different sites on the internet. What stops them Paid Religionist who have reduced the word of God to a scam by PRETENDING TO HAVE AUTHORITY TO COLLECT MONEY IN GOD'S NAME WHICH HE REFUSED TO GIVE TO ANY MAN OF GOD FOR THE LAST THOUSAND YEARS. THAT MAKES THEM THIEVES. HE RESTRICTED THE wealth OF THE CHURCH TO A SINGLE MAN TO MAKE SURE HE WOULD HAVE authority over all paid religionist for the one thousand year kingdom. This authority is the basis for the power of the rod of iron in revelations. Every jot and tittle of the law will be fulfilled not for the sinner but for those that lived off the children of God like Vampires demanding a tenth of the wealth of mankind after the Sanhedrin nailed the Christ to a tree and all religions of the God of Abraham was notified in 81 AD that Christ who was made the Lamb of God forbid the doctrine of Nicolaitons and the hated Temple system of revenue which caused Israel to send its messiah and the messiah for many nations to a criminals death. Rome is the pagan state religion that was in charge of the world in 81 ad and 2006 ad. It controls by culture all the major financial institutions of the world more strongly than it did in 81 ad.. They have convinced one billion people that a Nazi a SS man who swore loyalty to Adolph Hitler in 1939 is the Vicar of Christ on Earth what more proof do you need he is the false apostle and fascism is alive and well waiting for the anti Christ. Oldies but goodies....Letters sent to President and Prime Minister Sharon they ignored (and wished to God they didn't) Prime minister Sharon isn't prime minister because he disobeyed God about the new kingdom of Judah he didn't want a second Jewish nation because it would take power from Israel so now he has Palestine and Hammas instead of a New Nation of Judah one third Russian Jews, one third Christian and one third Islamic supported by one billion Christians and one billion Islamic waiting for the return of Christ. Congratulation Prime Minister Sharon you jumped ahead of Bush on the whipping post in Jerusalem..........I told you God would replace started a new party God solved that bit of stupidity........ Mr. President: Please read letter sent on the 16 of October and one before telling that Katrina was just the beginning (and the 3 years of mail sent before) as Wilma heads toward the Whitehouse. I agree completely that Christ choice of me is utterly absurd that being said consider the amount of money you pissed away on technology that never worked, on political services never received, on information much less useful than anything I wrote and explain to Christ again why you cannot make Alaska obey its own laws as its slips its way down the coast of California.(12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; great earthquake Rev 16:18 sun Joel 2:10, Matt 24:29 Acts 2:20}Have a nice day; by the way you are the last person I told about Wilma heading for Virginia & Maryland. Nice if you had the quick response branch of the uniform service already on line capable of handling what is coming down the road, don't just hate people who say "I told you so!" Love Enoch called Edward by Christ.To: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 09:02:15 -0400Enoch rod of iron here: Writing down something God has given me after another episode"left hemisphere lobe seizure".It may be part of a larger piece or added on to an existing chapter of Hidden Book. It has to do with Curses, Hexes, Magic, miracles, witchcraft, and the same demons that rule both the Church and the occults. What does the Pope and another demon filled & ruled religionists have in common, they are all like the Pharisee that saw apostles use Jesus name to cast demons out tried it themselves and got beaten by the demon for their lack of authority lack of relationship with God. THOUGHT POWER AND AUTHORITY OF GOD IS A SEPARATE FORCE JUST AS LUCIFER DID THINKING HE COULD SUPPLANT GOD APPROPRIATE HIS POWER WITHOUT HIS BEING IN SUBMISSION TO GOD BECAUSE CHRIST SET UP A PROVIDENTIAL SYSTEM OF CAUSE AND EFFECT MEANT TO LAST FOR EVER. The assumption that Christ had given over dominion with autonomy. So is the TV Minister who understands that it is the power of the believer who actually makes the miracles happen in their life by their faith in a legitimate relationship with Christ coming from an honest heart. This same faith for the good can be used by the demons for evil as well. All they have to do is influence the believer in Christ or the child of Satan that it is what they want by using fear to bring anything into existence because of Christ's words spoken " If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed if you say to that mountain be thou removed it shall be removed". Christ put into all mankind the gift of faith.. It differs according to size grows by the believer knowing the word of God in a right relationship. Having this faith and letting it grow pleases God because one thing God hates is fear: fear and faith cannot coexist one must overcome the other. Demons taught modern religionists how to use the spiritual power levers carefully enough to avoid get beaten up because they now control the world system desire to stay in charge of mankind's governments & churches by controlling the men who control the organs of government and church. That is how a Nazi Pope got elected in time to be the perfect target for the Hidden Book written in 2002, 3 years before a new Nazi pope got elected. The power of faith works for the just and unjust.So this is why when the pagans who worship the rat gods of India or the savages the replicated aircraft made of bamboo sticks in the south Pacific sometimes seem to have the ability to bring things from the spirit into the physical world. In Australia the natives can point a stick a certain way and an enemy two hundred miles away drops dead. Is this true spiritual power? In the same sense that a two year old can drive a car through a restaurant wall by engaging the gear shift of a car left running, Yes the two year old did it but I would not want him as a taxi driver. Now let us take it up to the Presidential level. Any man who wields that much physical power and spiritual power must be aware that our technological advantage doesn't not give any more spiritual advantage over the pagan heathen or other believers of the God of Abraham. It is always our relationship with God and our spiritual understanding of God's words which determines our level of faith and our ability to bring things from the spirit into the physical. I must confess that I am still shocked of Christ choice of rod of iron. Mostly due to my lack of interest of the finer points of power and authority which I never craved. My interest lay elsewhere mostly looking deep into the nature of God and studying why he did things the way he did because it feeds my soul so much. Understand MR. President that your plans must line up with God's plans for you to gain success. You tasted it in the beginning but lost it when you left the path of faith because it seemed too simple and child like and started acting like you was president because of your efforts much like Saul. Saul made foolish mistakes read it over many times and rejoice you still have time to change things. Read all of the writing I sent you and correct what you must before Christ underlines my words in blood. I asked Christ do you want me to let go of the judgment. I will if you want and his answer was no. He indicated it was the least effort he would consider to change the magnitude of the 10 point quake and everyone is expecting a 12 point one for Revelations anyway this way if you fail or those who serve you fail it will forever enshrine mankind’s' political stupidity and further Christ's plans for the end of the 1,000 year kingdom anyway. As far as Iraq goes, no sense sending you any information since you ignores what I send you already. Just know that even though you did not find any nukes doesn't mean they are not their. Or that you found all the ones you know are missing from the old soviet nuke locker. I do encourage you have a uniformed unarmed service established set up before the New year for rapid deployment perhaps you can form from the National Guard units that are not resigning up because of your cost cutting administrate measures and feeling deceived by doing the same work of the Army but not receiving the same perks ? Pay. An unarmed force would guarantee they wouldn't be deceived again and the would be the backbone for the conscripted army you will need. Have a nice day, Love Edward called Enoch by Christ From: enochrodofiron (Original Message) Sent: 7/26/2005 10:22 AM Sent from [email protected] Who doesn't believe treating prisoner of war with basic human rights permitting torture of said prisoners. He somehow thinks it will help us fight terrorism by becoming monsters ourselves. [email protected] Responds to request for preventing torture on prisoners held captive by US Forces for amnesty international.Vinny; WAKE UP! These people are trying to KILL us! Anyone who believes that killing civilians, women and children in the name of a religious cause Deserves to be treated special.WAKE UP before its too late! Suggest [email protected] read about Dresden & Tokyo speaking of killing women and children. During WW IIFirst Vinny is not my name. I am Enoch, Vinivista is Latin for" I came I saw "two-thirds of the quote from Caesar: Thank you for taking time to respond. Please think this through. If we don't behave better than the Soviets did when they fought in Afghanistan we will wind up even worse off. We must treat the enemy as prisoners of war for Our Sakes not theirs.Anyone who believes enough to commit suicide in order to find freedom for his people EVEN IF THEY ARE WRONG, DECEIVED IS WORTH MORE THAN THE PUNK WHO KILLS YOUR GRANDMOTHER FOR A DIME OF CRACK AND THE STATE SPENDS $100,000 A YEAR TO RESTORE HIM TO HEALTH BEFORE THEY EXECUTE THEM. Anyone who dies for his belief in God gets God's attention and we score no points by stunts like pulled In Iraq. TORTURING PRISONERS FOR SEXUAL ENTERTAINMENT. My Son was a Sgt. in the Army and he was skilled and trained in warfare, he was more afraid of me than his Sgt. when it came to killing civilians like we did in Viet Nam, I am glad I raised him right. We are a war like people we can expect attacks as part of our History and place in it. Nothing is solved by torturing anyone in our possession, nothing except making more people to take their place. Understand that I am in favor of our actions in the Middle East. But I also know the culture, you can fight with one group one month and they can be your allies the next. If you torture prisoners we will wind up like the Soviets UNITING ALL THE GROUPS AGAINST US. THINK WE HAVE THEM LOCKED UP WE DON'T NEED TO TORTURE THEM. THEY ARE OUT OF THE GAME. OTHER LETTER TO BUSH; Enoch to Pantcheez og 187 187 Notify AOL Date: 7/27/04 1:13 AM PST Author: [email protected] Mr. President, Prime Minister Sharon, Senator Rodham/C.,Paid religionist, Brothers and sisters in Christ. .The God of Abraham requires certain actions from every believer. It is not OK not to just not do evil but to fight evil when a believer sees evil moving forward unchecked. I have listen to the "Elders" of the Democratic Party. I don't doubt that EX President Carter and EX President William Thomas Jefferson Clinton (without any doubt the most Brilliant man to have held the office in my time) both of these men Believe & Love God. I consider EX President Carter a Baptist Saint, rare and hard to find. I consider Bubba an American treasure. Now I drive a wooden stake into the heart of the democratic demons that rule their souls and lead them in a demonic trance into the mistakes and the massive screw ups only the democrats can conceive and execute. Their was a reason Ronald Reagan drove the soviet empire to its knees and broke apart into a dozen democratic countries. He opposed Evil not just didn't do evil. President Carter embraced the Nephew of the Nazi Mufti of Jerusalem who made the SS sick when he insisted on them murdering 5,000 Jewish children and not exchange them for POWs. Mr. Carter Know This, could you not smell the blood of children on Arafat’s hands. How Much of the money you gave him went to spill more blood. You were blind to evil then as you are now it is only your faith in the God of Abraham that stops me from asking Christ to stop your heart. Bubba do something for God TELL THAT QUISLING PRIME MINISTER OF FRANCE TO STOP THE PLO THUGS FROM PUTTING swastikas ON HELPLESS JEWISH WOMEN CHEST WITH RAZORS OR A PROPHET FROM THE GOD OF ABRAHAM WILL HAVE EVERY Grape vine in France die and stay that way until the end of tribulations. Mr. President make sure France understands exactly we are tired of pretending they are anything but a speed bump for the Germans and we are tired of them rolling over every time someone yanks them up from an alcoholic stupor to find themselves slaves in their own land. Germany will be an inland Sea for what they did to the Jewish people that includes those cowardly Swiss, their candy will not survive in the 1,000 year Kingdom. I "suggest" you make it plain to France that this is not 1938 any acts committed by Islamic Nazis anywhere in Europe against the Jewish people will bring Natural Disasters by the Hand of God and America will do what France did during world war II drink {California} wine pretend they were not responsible for their failure to stop evil. I encourage you Mr. Bush make it known to France it is unacceptable for France to permit Islamic Nazis walk the streets in their country. Prime Minster Sharon I have a private message for the Paid religionist of the Orthodox Jewish Church, Yahweh requires more from them than running off at the mouth and running from fights. The choice for any one who knows truth this week of Tribulations is not for the weak knee bumbling, befuddled white house held captive by a few Iranian screw balls for 400 days. Nor does the "Spin Doctor" hold any true leadership ability, 1,000,000 Africans butchered on your watch does not make you a War Hero Bubba. Screw the noise about the draft what were you thinking with Reno murdering children, didn't your 180 IQ show you that you created Okohlama City? How dare anyone in the Democratic convention scream about anything your political party did except be parasites in the sight of the living God. All I can tell each and every government leader thank God you didn't choose the ministry, I would have been your boss. I am Enoch from Genesis the same way John the Baptist was Elijah. And General Sharon tell Israel it is not Elijah they should be concerned about coming because I am already here Elijah is still on his knees asking for courage to come to me. Have a nice day, love Enoch.

  • BizzyBee
    I am Enoch from Genesis the same way John the Baptist was Elijah. And General Sharon tell Israel it is not Elijah they should be concerned about coming because I am already here Elijah is still on his knees asking for courage to come to me. Have a nice day, love Enoch.

    Hmmmmm..........Why am I'm getting a chill right of the back of me spine...........?

    Rule # 7:

    Impersonating or falsely claiming to represent a person or organisation.

  • M.J.

    Confirmed. The CO of the local congo visited very very recently and went over how the GT is just about to start so take advantage of the very limited time we will have freedom to openly go to assemblies and meetings RIGHT NOW.

  • AuldSoul
    The CO of the local congo visited very very recently and went over how the GT is just about to start so take advantage of the very limited time we will have freedom to openly go to assemblies and meetings RIGHT NOW.

    Hee-hee! Oh boy...geez, just what we need. A whole lot more JWs selling off their houses and extra cars to buy minivans and schoolbus/trailers.

    I can't wait. THANK YOU Governing Body, for the bounty we are about to receive!

  • kid-A

    "Understand that I remain silent on many things because God uses everything I say as a doorway to send punishment"


    Enochs "rod of iron" dirty birdy !!!! LOL

  • Nosferatu

    Ummmm..... did we just get hit by JCanon?

  • Frog
    If any such announcement takes place, I'll eat my hat.

    And if "elders already know" but it hasn't leaked... I'll eat my left nut.

    wow, that'd be a riot UB!...whatashame that such a situation would never come to pass...

    nothing like another great false alarm story to give us even more leverage over the full of shite control tactics of the f*ckwitts at WT brooklyn...makes you wanna barf....

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