Ooooooohhhh...My "unofficial" DA it in the paper!!

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  • KingDavidwasframed

    Any updates? (PS I loved it for all the same reasons as already mentioned)

    @ cognac, Yes, they "say" it is a conscience matter, but when you do make a "conscientious decision" and "their conscience" doesn't agree with yours, you are marked, blackballed, thrown under the bus (and a list of other terms) and generally treated like a rebel. And THEN, they will look for any little thing to make it "official".

    And I used to think the back row thing was loving too until they pushed the point with a DF'd one at the hall and it turned into a shouting match. Of course all of the R&F thought the "sinner" was in the wrong, but myself (who was an MS at the time) thought "Where is it written that he HAS to sit at the back? Isn't that just a tradition of man? Why pick a fight about something so petty?" ...and so on

    Me, I just liked the back row cause I'm a rebel. I sat at the back of the bus, the class and the hall when I could. Now, I wouldn't sit there if I were to go to the KH again. Because that's where "they" would want me to sit. God bless their hearts.......... cause you know they need it. LOL

  • Pistoff
    Can't work in a job that carries a weapon. Can't work in a job where you would dispense blood to patients. Can't sell cigarrettes. Can't wear a national flag on your uniform. Can't work in a job that requires you to miss a meeting. Etc..

    Um, no not really. Those jobs will get you removed from a position, and eventually df'ed if you don't quit, with the exception of working during meetings.

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