Behind the Scenes: An Elders Point of View

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  • truthsetsonefree

    This is why many Assembly Overseers state that there is a deficit for THIS convention. And Yes, I can confirm that congregations are asked to make up the difference. Additionally, the congregations pay each month into the circuit funds a set amount per publisher. Usually somewhere around $0.50-0.75.

  • Sunspot

    How many of us with large families would scrimp, save and go without for MONTHS just to make it to one of these stupid and mind-numbing assemblies....and THEN hear the "poor-mouth" pleadings on the last day when we were all broke!

    The multi-million $$$ real-estate dealings the WTS is known for making isn't good enough for these slimy creeps....but will pull a petty stunt like this on the trusting but unsuspecting publishers!!!

    They make me sick.

  • sass_my_frass

    I'm pleased that I stopped donating to any JW fund about ten years before I actually left.

  • ronin1


    Thank you for this explanation.

    My husband and I could not understand how at every circuit assembly there would be a surplus, then deficit, then surplus, then deficit...........etc.

    It just did not make sense.

    Many years ago we stopped giving donations at the circuit and district assemblies. We only donated for the up-keep of the KH.


  • wheres caleb?
    wheres caleb?

    A Convention Overseer remarked that 'Jehovah would provide' concerning deficits.

    To think - I truly believed the way they do. As long as they make ends meet ... they can continue to believe that God is behind them.

    Years of witnessing hypocrisy and double standards proved that people will believe whatever they want to believe.

  • codeblue

    Very interesting. Whatever happened to "you received free, give free"? They certainly show hypocrisy in the "double dipping" issue. To think that some families are so strapped, they barely made it to the assembly or convention and then they have to give more?

    If Jesus were alive he would be closing the WTBS.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    this was an excellent over view of how the circuit accounts work, props to JT.

  • BluesBrother

    Lets think about it, The "brothers" donate extra money and give freely of their time and muscle to acquire the land and either build the hall from scratch or convert a run-down building into a showcase.

    The Society charges each congregation a standing charge for the use of it , for "administration" , then at each assembly there is an appeal for funds to cover the costs ?

    Secretly, the elders used to grumble sometimes about the cost of the Assembly Hall, but nobody had the courage to openly challenge the system

  • mjarka911

    I do also remember that the accounts report given on the afternoon of the second day of the circuit assemblies never took in the lunch time donations (or even lunch money back when they charged for food). So when they would talk about a "deficit for this convention", it was taking the full expenses for the convention plus the per capita for brooklyn minus the contributions received thru Sunday morning only, but if the noon contributions had been counted, there was usually enough to cover. Of course after this announcement people would pony up more dough that created this surplus.

    Then they have the nerve to trumpet the fact they are unlike are religions that don't pass the hat!

  • greendawn

    Those that are quick on the trigger spotted long ago the fact that the WTS is a business working under the sacred mantle of religion.

    By far the most profitable activity for this commercial enterprise is the preaching the R&F do without pay, imagine having six million dupes selling your products at zero cost to yourself. That is quite smart, over a billion hours of work per year at zero cost for the employer?

    Juxtapose their eagerness to receive with their abysmal charitable record and it becomes immediately obvious that they are not what they claim to be: God's own organisation on earth and the only one at that.

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