Behind the Scenes: An Elders Point of View

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  • Sunnygal41

    fascinating information, William. I knew quite a bit of this already, as the ex and I worked in the accounting office during the assemblies for years. It always made little alarm bells go off in my head........the whole arrangement seemed off kilter, even to someone who had zero experience with business accounting...........

  • JH

    Right from the start, I didn't contribute much money.

    My way of contributing without making the Watchtower wealthy was to give my time and energy and my car and gas going door to door.

    Other than that, they didn't get much money from me, and I'm proud of being stingy with them.

    I was very generous for the brothers though. I helped many who were poor.

  • JH

    The Watchtower was cheap when they stopped the caffeteria service at assemblies. I don't know if it's still the same way today.

    The moment they didn't make enough money with the cafeteria, they told us to bring our own cold food and warm soda.

  • mouthy

    How many of us with large families would scrimp, save and go without for MONTHS just to make it to one of these stupid and mind-numbing assemblies....and THEN hear the "poor-mouth" pleadings on the last day when we were all broke!


  • Poztate
    So when they would talk about a "deficit for this convention", it was taking the full expenses for the convention plus the per capita for brooklyn minus the contributions received thru Sunday morning only

    I can't EVER recall an assembly where they declared a surplus when the accounts were read on Sat. They always claimed a deficit but knew that jehovah would provide (wink wink) and things would work out in the end.

  • DannyHaszard

    Thanks for posting!

    The Watchtower got guilt-goaded a thousand dollars a month from Danny Haszard all during the few years of the building boom that precipated the Savings and Loan scandal and subsequent depression ca 1990 (I was then thrown out of work and broke) they also got all my father's money (assets he could have used to raise and educate his 5 children) and they got my grandfather's money,he died broke too.Yes, it's been a family tradition for the Haszard clan to be ripped off by the Watchtower racket. WWJD ?

    The Watchtower still owns the opulent Stanley theater (Saddam's palace) in New York city?While their brothers in 3rd world countries exist in cradle to grave agony. Would Jesus preach in the Stanley theater ?

    Built in 1928 as a vaudeville and movie house, the Stanley Theater is a massive Gothic-style structure. The 4,300-seat amphitheater is second in size on the East Coast to Radio City Music Hall, which was built in 1932. Jacob Fabian of Paterson, noted for theater construction in New Jersey, commissioned Fred Wesley Wentworth of Wentworth and (Frederick J.) Vreeland to built the movie palace. A glittering copper marquee spans the entrance, overhanging the solid brass doors. Over the marquee are three large arched windows. Building materials include marble from Italy, Vermont and Texas, limestone from Indiana, and granite from Maine to face the Corinthian columns. The impressive interior has a three-story lobby adorned with columns, a broad center staircase with trompe l'oeil alabaster handrails and balusters, lamps, velvet drapes, and stained class windows of faux "Chartre Blue" in the foyer. Allegorical paintings by Hungarian muralist Willy Pagany adorn the ceiling and walls. The larger of two crystal chandeliers, suspended from the second floor, is from the ..... I am not making this up click here
  • just2sheep

    the assembly accounts always seemed suspicious to me. they would say something to the effect of...donations $5,000--costs $3,500--donation to the society $3,000--deficit $1,500. it never added up to me. they would turn a $1,500 surplus into a deficit every time no matter how much was given they found a way to steal a little more. it was never enough. unwatched money is soon stolen.

  • misspeaches

    THIEVES!!! You dirty stinkin scumbag theiving bastards. How dare they guilt people into giving more money when they are skimming the profits for themselves. I am so angry about this!!!!

  • kgfreeperson

    The last time I saw a witness offering magazines was in an airport. The people who took them didn't give any money and it didn't look as if any way asked for. Which suggests that it's the peddlars who are the buyers which is an even neater trick.

  • LDH

    When my daughter's high school had cause to rent the local Selland Arena this year (12,000 capacity I think) the charge came to $12,000 for one day.

    When you realize that the JW get the facility for 3 days, negotiate parking be paid to THEM like at Tacoma dome, get discounts for cleaning the joint, and there's no wordly security except for the required union Rent a Cop who's there, I'm sure they get a hell of a deal.

    I would imagine they also get about 10% of local room and board as a 'kickback."


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