Behind the Scenes: An Elders Point of View

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    Well its a good thing that I stopped donating $ to the WT years ago then....

  • Sweetp0985

    damn shame on it all!

  • candidlynuts

    How many of us with large families would scrimp, save and go without for MONTHS just to make it to one of these stupid and mind-numbing assemblies....and THEN hear the "poor-mouth" pleadings on the last day when we were all broke!

    raises my hand too....................... sometimes it took a month or more to catch up!

  • Warlock

    I've always had this question: It the WTS owns the assembly hall, then where are the expenses? They do not provide food. All the workers are volunteers, so why does it cost so much to have a C.A.?


  • juni

    Electricity, a/c, heat in the winter, water usuage, maintenance of the bldg., outdoor flowers, etc., phone service.

    All I can come up with. Anyone else?


  • ronin1

    I was one of the many hundreds that helped renovate the Stanley Theatre Assembly Hall in Jersey City, NJ.

    It is a beautiful place and very expensive to maintain.

    The borg knew exactly what they were doing when they fought the establishment to get this property.


  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear WTlies,

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! Thank you for another eye opening experience!!


    Lady Liberty

  • blondie

    Charges for the Assembly Hall, salary/allowance of any caretakers is pro-rated, perhaps insurance regarding accidents re people and catastrophes with the building.

  • BlackPearl

    Wow! I still find myself asking after all this time, (we've been out for about a year) is there a financial motive with the organization? I wondered this for a long time and am now beginning to formulate an opinion that,...yes...I am sincerely beginning to think that much of the motivation for what goes on in the org is monetarily driven. Just amazing, simply amazing. Thanks for sharing. By the way, I love the ---> (currently hiding in the Witness Protection Progam)


    WTlies, your story is quite an eye-opener. Thanks for sharing.

    That reminds me . . . years ago my old congregation had a paid up mortgage. A directive came down from above asking us to take out another mortgage and give the assets of the paid up congregation to the Society. Of course, everyone in the congregation unanimously agreed to take this burden on, as if the directive came from Gawd himself.

    I suspect more and more of these stories will come out into the open.The wolf is coming out of the sheepskin covering?



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