Picture of Mouthy Granny Grace

by mouthys_gdaughter 129 Replies latest jw friends

  • mouthys_gdaughter

    yeah.. the rest of our family is a little more tactful when speaking to people. lol

    but i guess running your mouth becomes easier with age!! hehehehehehehehe jus kidding nan wait til im 70-something.. i'll be so over opinionated and gabby it wont even be funny!!

  • mouthy

    My hubby was in the Canadian Army (Infantry)

    looks like my kids have captured the board.... O.K. kids Good night. God bless

  • mouthy

    Cheeky Ashley.... !!! These two are twins. Ashley! grand-daughter who posted first & Grand-daughter 2 who,posted second....!

    God bless I am of to bed lots of visitors tomorrow for me.

  • mouthys_gdaughter

    gnight nan. sweet dreams. dont open the door to strangers...

    love you!

  • prophecor

    Great to have a better view of your Granny. To see the person behind the avatar is a pleasant surprise. Welcome to the forum and say hello to Mouthy for me for me.


  • TresHappy

    I have personally witnessed (pardon bad pun) the antics of Mouthy before she was Mouthy. Anyone who can piss off Sally Jessy Raphael is awesome to me!

  • mouthys_gdaughter

    hahahahaha i remember that. she was sporting some SEXY glasses on THAT show. eh nan?? EH??? hahahaha gotta love it. you're a celebrity!

  • oldflame

    Awesome photos of an awesome person. Mouthy you have been here as long as I can remember. You know you have two families that all love you.

    Lady Lee,

    I agree it was the best pic for sure but they were all good.

    Welcome to board grand daughter.

  • LittleToe

    Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for giving us a little more of an insight into your gran. We've adopted her as ours, too, which probably makes us cousins, or somthing

  • arwen

    Welcome Granddaughters of Grace, Beautiful family! Your nan is a treasure on this board.

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