Picture of Mouthy Granny Grace

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  • mouthy

    ROTFL>>>> I roared at this.Your SO funny!!!!

  • mouthy


  • BrendaCloutier

    I gotta chime in on this "Love Mouthy" fest! Mouthy - you are a beautiful woman. And i can certainly how/why you may have chosen the handle "Mouthy"... it's the glint in the eyes!!! And what a beautiful gr.grandaughter. She's a cutie.

    Welcome Mouthy's Granddaughter! So glad you're here. Thank you for the picture posting!

    Hugs (((( GrannyGrace )))


  • mouthy

    you are a beautiful woman

    Bren!!!! you need to change your glasses. That is one thing I am not!!! Honest I am not being modest. I am quite ugly....I look in the mirror every morning & say" Oh NO "" Because so many of my Christian friends tell us we should look in the mirror & say " how wonderfully we are made. : I look in & say UHG!!!! LOL

    But thank you for saying I am....I thought the picture that fjtoth put on ( the last one was the best I EVER looked. I will have to get myself a red headdress... LOL (((((HUGS)) to you to sweetie

  • mouthys_gdaughter

    whatever nan. you're the hottest g-ma i've ever seen. and such a FOX back in the day!!!!! :) you wouldn't be pumpin out good looking kids and grandkids if you were as ugly as you think you are. take another look and adjust YOUR glasses :o)

  • mouthy

    wouldn't be pumpin out good looking kids and grandkids if you were as ugly as you think you are. take another look and adjust YOUR glasses :

    :LOL Vanity will get you everywhere ASHLEY........Iove you ...Tell Luke I had two Nuns come here for the day from 10.00---till 3.00 all in there black garb ...Lovely ,lovely girls.... Wanted me to give them advice on what to say to JW ..... I showed them the video" Witnesses of Jehovah" They stayed for lunch had a real nice visit....They are coming back....

  • gusgus1

    So now you have the Nuns doing back calls, be careful Mum, you know where those backcalls got you last time. LOL

    You had better stop calling yourself ugly, people say I look like you, so your no longer just calling me fat, but ugly also...... I must get my confidence from Dad.

    Love you Mum.

    And to all you people that want my Mum to adopt you!! the answer is no, she's already spent most of my inheritance on her grandkids and great grandkids, there won't be enough for all of. (I'm just kidding Mum)

  • mouthy

    Sue!!! You better fix that spyware problem..... I am afraid your inheritence is spent!!!!!! I donated it to the Watchtower ( smile)

    love you too.((((HUG))

  • Mary
    Mouthy said: I am no way beautiful. my husband was very good looking ,I was often asked how I caught him....

    Now this is the only time I'm ever gonna say this, but Grace, that's a damn lie!! I saw the pics of you when you were young and most certainly were boot-i-ful!! So don't lemme catch you sayin' nothin' to the contrary! Y'here?

    Welcome Granddaughter of Mouthy.....your Grandma's a wonderful, wonderful person and I'm so glad that I was able to meet her.

  • mouthy

    Mary!!!!! what a lovely thing to say!!! Thanks! But you know!!! you said you were having trouble with your eyes!!!! ( I think it was you>smile) gus gus ( the one before you is my daughter I the one that is OUT of bondage....

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