Guantanamo Bay Suicides - a PR Move

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  • Jourles
    They'd blow any one of us up if they could, they hate women and treat them like crap, but they have it better than millions of innocent, poor children around the world and in our own country.

    I just love how some of you are painting the camp with the broadest brush you can buy. "They'd blow any one of us up" to me makes it sound like EVERY SINGLE DETAINEE is an extremist. I guess you didn't read that link I posted just prior? What did those three young men do? What was their charge for being imprisoned? Did they deserve it? Did the US government issue a formal apology for falsely imprisoning them? How many more in the camp are like them?

    The US has practically no proof to be holding these people for supposed crimes they didn't commit. So what if they flew from the UK to Pakistan and then they went into Afganistan? Does that make them extremists? According to the law of Bush and Co., it does. Even Blair, Bush's puppet, wants Gitmo shut down. I wonder why?

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    They'd blow any one of us up if they could, they hate women and treat them like crap, but they have it better than millions of innocent, poor children around the world and in our own country.

    Lol ,are you for real??Your comment reminds me of troy maclure in the simpsons when he was promoting eating meat.."dont feel sorry for cows,theyd kill you and everything you hold dear if they could.."

    How do these people have it so good as you say.?Your Country is bombing the living shit out of most of them.

  • OpenFireGlass
  • kristyann

    << These people have not been charged with anything yet. How are you so sure they would "blow you up if they could"? >>

    I have a major problem with people that are currently attempting to kill the soldiers stationed at Guantanamo Bay with makeshift weapons. They're trying to kill people right now. This has been admitted by pretty much everyone. The soliders that work there are among the bravest and most honorable people I can think of.

    A better cause would be to help some starving children in Africa with HIV... or how about the starving ones in our own country as well? Or maybe teach some poor kid with crappy parents how to read so that he has the same opportunities to read a Harry Potter book. Besides, even if this is your great cause, are you doing anything about it besides typing about it on a Jehovah's Witness discussion forum?

    As much as I would love to continue this wonderful discussion, I have to be going to drop off some neighbor children to the school for their field trip in about an hour, so I have to go get ready. Have fun!

  • outbutnotdown
    I don't think Guantanamo is as much of a hell as some would like you to think... they get to hang out and relax, read whatever books they ask for (I heard that Agatha Christie and Harry Potter are popular choices, no joke) all translated into Arabic, get to play volleyball and all other kinds of things. Believe me, they're fine.

    And she looks so sweet in her picture....... bummer.

  • Jourles
    How would faking your suicide and then trying to kill someone be taking the moral highground? I don't believe I have heard too much of that taking place during the Holocaust...

    I didn't say I would be taking the moral high ground. There is no moral high ground during a war. It is kill or be killed. At this point, I would just assume that I was going to be killed in an "accident" or whatever else that could be cooked up by the CIA. My goal would be to take as many of my captives with me as possible. But you know what? I'm sure a few of those old US POW Vietnam Vets wouldn't even dream of doing such a thing. If they were captured by the VC, I'm pretty sure they would just sit back and wait it out. Forget about trying to escape and killing as many VC as you can along the way. I'm sure that situation never occured.

  • Simon

    It's strange ...

    Make a post about American soldiers shooting women, children and babies and it's all "hey, innocent until proven guilty. nothing counts unless they are convicted".

    Make a post about people being illegally detailed without trial and it's all "hey, who needs trials? we think they are guilty so they are".

    Blazing hypocrisy.

    But then what else can you expect from the rabid right and their little teeny brains.

  • LDH

    There is a law of Constitution rights in this country that says you must be charged with a crime within a certain amount of time of being detained. I can't remember if it's Habeas Corpus or something similar.

    The US has sidestepped this by declaring these people prisoners of war (POW) --and by not granting them a trial or even a formal charge of their crimes.

    I believe we have had enough time to put a case together against each one of these people--how much more time is needed?

    We declared war against IRAQ. Why do we have Saudis and Yemenis in Gitmo?

    OK, so we have a war on "TERROR...." this is a great media clip but how does this translate? Is this a carte blanche to ignore human rights, and more importantly, is this any way to set an example to other nations as to how we will treat their citizens?


  • Jourles
    The US has sidestepped this by declaring these people prisoners of war (POW) --and by not granting them a trial or even a formal charge of their crimes.

    They do not need to grant them a trial or formally charge them with anything - POW or not. Why not? Take one guess. The last I heard, Cuba's government operates independently of the USA's. The ACLU, or anybody else for that matter, can't do jacksquat in Cuba. If Gitmo was located in Kansas, things would be entirely different. It was pure strategic genius to place the "POW's" where they are now.

  • Abaddon

    I heard another US Army spokesperson describe their suicides as 'acts of war'.

    It's like Monty Python's Life of Brian where the Samaritan Suicide Squad storms in...

    Act of war? Well... maybe.

    Desperate people do desperate things, especially if they feel powerless. That applies to all of us.

    Add in a profoundly twisted version of Islam that can even condemn fellow Muslims if they disagree over Qu'ranic interpretation or are in cohoots with the Infidel (which we're not, incidentally, which shows how twisted that form of Islam is) and its not surprising they do ghastly things.

    Do you really think they would use suicide bombers if they had viable alternatives? Just as the Japanese created a cult-like atmosphere for its Kamikazi's, so too do the fermentors of this ill prime the guns of their jihad with the blood of their own followers. Belief in martyrdom or otherwise, if they had M1A Abrams, they'd not need suicide bombers. Or suicidice suiciders.

    What those that ARE gulity do is wrong; this is not an argument.

    But the point is not all ARE guilty, and the fact many are released without charge shows that many are not held on sound evidentary grounds. Which is why the US government is shitting over the very principles of its nation by not allowing them access to due civilian process.

    If they are guilty, why are the US government so scared to prove it in court? This would ensure the search for bad guys didn't drag in innocent parties and hold them as long as they liked.

    If we break our own principles, it just feeds the propoganda picture painted by the formentors of this ill.

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