How do you deal with death now

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  • unique1

    I must say, it was easier being a JW, believing that I would in fact be resurrected to a paradise earth and having the faith that would definitely happen. Now, I don't know what I believe. I still believe in the bible to the extent that I believe Jesus led a good life and if we follow his example we will lead one to. However, the bible was written by men, who are imperfect and therefore I don't feel we can take the entire book at face value as TRUTH. I don't know if the dead go back to dust, if they ascend to heaven, if they burn in hell, if they are reincarnated to another living thing. The truth is no one does. It is all faith. Now that I don't have a specific faith, I find myself scared to death. When I die, will my life had been for naught? Will my thinking cease? What good is having thought if it is going to go away? What will it feel like to stop breathing? Questions like these go over and over in my head. Sometimes I get so scared I stop breathing and actually have to think BREATHE to start again. The thought of death now terrifies me, but when I was a JW it didn't. I guess it is just one of the side effects. How do you deal with it, now that you question everything you were taught?

  • jstalin

    I'm an atheist and I don't think there is an afterlife. Does that get me down? No. I live life to the fullest and it is my mission to leave my mark by making other people's lives better too. I look around me, at the incredible diversity of humanity, and I smile. People are a wonderful thing and there's so much in life to experience. Why let an inevitability get me down?

  • unique1

    I wish I could feel that way. I keep trying. The gift of life just seems like an evil magic trick. Here one day gone the next.

  • looking_glass

    Unique, I found for me personally, I have come to terms with certain things. Most of which is that there are some things that JWs believe that I still agree with. There are others that I do not agree with. But since I am no longer part of a belief system that requires a black and white/right or wrong mentality, I am free to study and believe what I want.

    For me, when a person dies, they do still fall asleep in death. I believe it is peaceful and ending. I feel that their energy force leaves them and goes back to the earth/world. It is absorbed by other life energy forces. I know people question "is this all there is in life". I do not question it because I do think we continue on in various ways. The memory of us, our good works and our energy are still all present in different ways.

    My suggestion, read the different ideas of life and death. Eventually, you will come into your own understanding. The best part of leaving the religion was the ability to read whatever I want with no consequences and the ability to think for myself. It is a great feeling!

    Good luck in your search.

  • OpenFireGlass

    Yeah, sittin around thinking about death is crazy in itself...

    What good is having thought if it is going to go away?

    Maybe, just maybe, that is why i'm an artist... I mean, each piece I finish is a moment in my life that will survive way past me....

    I wonder maybe if what it really comes down to is, Will you/I be remembered?... And how will we be remembered? and who will remember us?

    There are(were) people in this world that have passed, and sometimes I think, man I wish I could have traded places with that person.... Not cause I want to die, but because I know that they are missed by family and friends..

  • jwfacts

    I greatly feared death as a JW, whereas I no longer do.

    I do not know what happens, but am confident that whatever happens will be as it was meant to be. If we go no where, so what, we wont be around to know about it. If there is an afterlife I am sure that any God powerful enough to ressurect me knows what is best for me. As even Jesus said, do not worry about tomorrow.

  • greendawn

    I never had this problem because even after the JWs I continued to believe in the gospel and in life after death.

    But those that came to accept evolution and atheism as the correct ideology will have to also accept that life is a very temporary affair and after it there is eternal non existence a very pessimistic outlook but that's an inevitable part of atheism.

  • cyrus


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I used to fear death far more as a jw than now. I am an agnostic nowadays, with leanings more towards atheism than belief in a higher power, and I cannot accept the theory of an afterlife anymore, so whilst I don't like the thought of dying, I don't fear it either.

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    I had to go to the funeral of my great nephew the other week. He was nearly 6 months old and very very close to us. Thanks to the Fucking WTBTS i wasn't able sit with with my girlfriend and her family, I wasn't able to take part in the service I wasn't even able to listen or take part in the prayers. I sat at the back and turned off mentally all because my bloody Dub brainwashing kicked in and I couldn't bring myself to take part in this false religion. When the vicar tried to usher me forward towards the front, I sat there and shook my head and I had to sit there at the back watching my girlfriend at the front crying. I couldn't even shake the vicars hand at the end.

    WTBT society, thanks for fucking me up so badly. Jehovah God, Fuck you for allowing a 5 month old baby to die Just so you can prove a point !

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