How do you deal with death now

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  • bebu
    I do not know what happens, but am confident that whatever happens will be as it was meant to be. If we go no where, so what, we wont be around to know about it. If there is an afterlife I am sure that any God powerful enough to ressurect me knows what is best for me. As even Jesus said, do not worry about tomorrow.

    Don't you think this pretty much means you have an implicit faith in God?

    Jekyll, my sincerest and deepest condolences go to you and your extended family. That is heartbreaking, all the way through.


  • unique1

    Balsam: Your experiences are one of the reasons I hold on. I have never had any myself. It is possible I was too scared being a JW and all back then.

    Thanks everyone for your perspectives. I guess I just need to let go and do the best I can now. Logic obviously has nothing to do with death. It is completely illogical. I should just learn to accept that.

  • Balsam

    LyinEyes, I PM'ed you a message. So sorry for your loss.

    As JW's we were taught that there was no hereafter when it came to death except the resurrection of the sheep like ones to earthly life and 144,000 to heaven to rule as kings and priests. So when it came to death of a loved one we were told the slept in ground and we would see them in the new system.

    It is not easy to change gears to consider anything else. Give yourself some time Unique1, though you've been fading you still were raised in that mentality so its hard to consider. Get some books and starting reading different view points about death, then you decide. That is what I did.

    I had a NDE experience before I was ever a JW which has always stayed with me even with I was a JW it was discredited as just my brain trying to cope with dying and being brought back. I have no proof, but I feel this way so much of what we know about life is changing constantly as we are able to find scientific ways to understand what we don't know. Who know's maybe one day there will be some proof that we actually have a soul. If it's never proved it is no big deal, because we'll be unconscious when we're dead anyway. LOL

    What an adventure life is.

  • Gill

    Having been brought up JW, no belief in an immortal soul etc, I used to fear death.

    I still fear losing anyone I love.

    I fear losing time with them now.

    Sometimes, I feel, I can almost touch....something...something....the past, the future....something slipping through my fingers and as if I'm racing ahead to somewhere so fast.... (Promise I'm not smoking anything..!!)

    But now, I'm beginning to feel that there is more, that perhaps death really is the next great adventure....just, please...'don't go on that adventure without me, ' is what I'd say to loved ones....but being born, it's a journey you have to make on your own....and that's the sad thing about it....the loneliness.

    So, I deal with the inevitable by seeing it as not necessarily the end. One day, I get to find out anyway. Do I hit a brick wall or do I go on?

  • lilybird

    I feel like some others here..that I fear death less now than as a JW..The way I see it..before I was born I had no awareness of the living world and so after death, I am sure it will be just as peaceful..Im not worried, there is nothing any of us can do to change death or what happens after.But what ever is waiting for us..I am sure we don't need to fear it at all.

  • acadian

    We came to an agreement,I don't tell him how to live, and he don't tell me how to die. Actually when you get to know him he's a pretty nice guy, a bit mis-understood though. Acadian

  • delilah

    I can honestly say, I don't fear death now, after leaving the borg. I don't WANT to die, but have finally come to terms with the fact that we all day so will I. I don't think I believe in life after death, but who really knows?

    In the meantime, I try to live life as best I can, and enjoy it to the fullest. I seem to have LOTS more time, now that I'm not working for the WT.

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    To Unique1,

    Hmm, death, a fascinating subject indeed. I read a book many years ago by two doctors who had experienced many death bed situations in their practice. It was called, At the Hour of Death. (You can still purchase this book.) It doesn’t preach or try to convince (as I remember it), it just relays these two doctor’s experiences with death. They noticed that many people who faced death had similar experiences regarding their death scenes. I’m sure you have heard of many of these, such as going through a tunnel, and bright light, and dead loved ones they’ve recognized. One account I recall from the book was that of a terrible car crash where a little girl who was mortally wounded sat up in her hospital bed and said, while looking off in the distance, "Mommy, I coming!" Then the little girl collapsed and died. The little girl had no knowledge of her mother’s condition. The mother had died instantly in the same crash.

    I had some dealings with the Ouija Board many years ago that convinced me that there is a spiritual plane. I don’t know what it was exactly (demons, ghosts, etc.) but I am convinced it exists. So, if consciousness exists for ‘something’ that doesn’t have a physical body, will it exist for us when we leave ours? I dunno.

    Life hasn’t been very easy for me (like it has been for anyone?) and sometimes I secretly fantasize what it would be like not to be here and not have to worry about this or that. Sometimes, I like the idea of loosing all consciousness when death overtakes, and other times it disturbs me that when I die, all that I have experienced will cease to exist along with me, including my awareness. I think, so therefore I am. So, if I can no longer think, I am not? I don’t want to no longer be, if I can put it that way. I would like to continue on, of course. But how can I continue on ‘thinking’ without my brain, which is as far as I know, where all the ‘stuff’ that makes me me, reside?

    How does God figure in? Would He allow me to slip into nothingness, after teaching my a lifetime of experiences? What would be the point of that? That’s a hard one for me to accept. I do believe in God, I can’t shake that belief. But what if God’s gift of life (awareness) is just what we have in there here and now? Even that would be such a great gift, in and of itself. But yes, I want more. I have asked God many times to give me a glimpse of the afterlife, in my dreams, but to date I have not been shown a thing. I think this is kind of a secret where He’s concerned.

    I have seen so much religiosity when it comes to eternal life, that it all seems to me like a kind of tool used to manipulate people into believing a particular way. These days, I have a difficult time believing in the "traditional" paths to eternal salvation. I don’t deny that Jesus lived and died for our sins, but I also don’t pretend to understand it either. Poor me if I would have been born a Moslem in a Moslem country where I would have very little chance in accepting Jesus’ sacrifice to atone for my sins? Perhaps there are many ways to God and eternal life? I dunno. But this I believe Unique1, God has a plan for you and for me, when it comes to the eternal. I don’t know yet the mechanics of it, but I believe He will guide us in that moment, in His way, in His time, and by His method. And it will be good. For He is good. He has always supplied my needs. I can’t imagine that He would be non-existent in the very hour that I would need Him most. And I can’t believe He would be non-existent for you in the very hour you need Him most, either.


  • oldflame

    Sometimes I pray for the time when it comes and sometimes wish it would come soon but then there are days when I just absolutely love life and want to live forever. I can take it or leave it just depends on my mood at the time.

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