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  • darcy

    my aunt... well, she's also got a bit of a mouth on her... ahh... I don't know she'd do well in ANY religion.

  • nelly136

    Bstndance the icecream announcement put pay to icecream in our house for a long time

    on the other hand my mother couldnt cook, so roast chicken in our house were either cremated or practically raw bleeding to death on the table, i often wondered why we didnt have to eat kosher meat if blood was such a problem.

  • free2beme

    When I was told that Dinosaurs were vegetarians, that made me ask "You can not be serious, right?"

  • MidwichCuckoo
    i often wondered why we didnt have to eat kosher meat if blood was such a problem.

    Nelly - I asked an elder that too once, as I believed that if the Blood Issue was SO important, then EVERY caution would be taken. He said that when slaughtered kosher, only meat from the forequarters of the animal are eaten as that is the only part which could be bled properly. I have noticed, however, KOSHER is more expensive.

    We weren't allowed marshmallows - blood.

    Anklets - prostitutes wear them.

  • vitty

    There was abrother giving a talk on the roles of husbands and wives, he spent 2 minutes on how the brother should behave and the rest on the wives.

    A point he made was that wives should iron dusters of cleaning cloths, cos he said there was nothing nicer for a husband to wipe his dirty oily hands on a ironed cloth,,,,,,WTF..........I nearly walked out. then he went on to ask if Jesus paid you a visit and looked in your cupboard under the sink, what would he see...........................

  • brutusmaximus

    Two things stuck with me

    Don't wear white socks, this is worldly attire

    And at an assembly folks were told "soaps are for dopes" there was a huge sigh as people thought oh no, no more East enders, Corrie etc etc


  • luna2

    I'm sure there were lots of stupid directions given from the platform, but the only one I'm remembering clearly at the moment was the brother who told all the wimminz that they shouldn't use hair coloring, hair straightening...well, you get the idea...products because they were "unnatural". He was focusing most of his ire on the black sisters as he seemed to have a real hate for blonde or red hair on ladies who's ethnicity didn't make that a "natural" color for them. The sisters were NOT pleased and the applause after his part was very muted.

  • under_believer
    When I was told that Dinosaurs were vegetarians, that made me ask "You can not be serious, right?"

    That one is funny because they need it to be true for the rest of their perceptions about the Garden of Eden to work. If Dinosaurs ate meat, it gives lie to the idea that no creatures ate meat in paradise, lion lies down with lamb, etc etc.

  • merfi

    I was asked if my wearing a thumb ring and the ex wearing a thumb ring (coincidentally) meant that there was "something going on". Morons.

    A talk about "dress & grooming" where the elder mentioned that court case where a 16yo's rapist was found not guilty because she was wearing 'suggestive' clothing, therefore deserved it. I was just LIVID hearing that. And so did some 'research'. The case is true (hopefully appealed, but I didn't find anything. And hopefully the judge was lynched.) and was mentioned in a QfromR I think.

    Elder giving another talk about D&G (we seemed to have lots of those) telling us wimmin that if our hips are expanding (IOW: you sisters are gettin FAT), perhaps we should re-evaluate our skirts as that extra weight brings the skirt up a bit...

    Same elder asked me (in my reinstatement attempt) ... no... TOLD me... to raise my skirt to where my slit ended to make the point that "the skirt is as long as the slit ends". I still shudder that I complied.

    Same elder in yet ANOTHER D&G talk about bikinis -- "they leave nothing to the imagination". yeah, we know -- it wasn't necessary to say it from the platform.

    My elders are perverted morons. SHOUT OUT TO STORM LAKE IOWA!!! wooooo BITE ME! I'm FREE!!

    ~merfi, of the thumb-ring, high-slit skirts & bikini class!

  • heathen

    I thought the WTBTS changed their understanding of what happened to dinosaurs . Are you saying they still believe that dinos were around six thousand years ago? I have read the creation book , don't remember the lates "light" on that .

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