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  • Bstndance

    I couldn't edit my last post so here's another..

    warning about blood products being found in food that you wouldnt suspect

    That one haunted me for awhile even while I was out. Then, I went to France and ate some wonderful food that probably had blood products in it and loved every minute of it.

    I remember my mom wouldn't even buy foreign chocolates because she was afraid they may contain blood. She felt that should would die in the big A even if she unknowingly did it. What a horrible god they worship. The ironic thing is that my mom always made chicken, and there are always blood clots and veins in chicken.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    How John Denver persecuted witness kids at a concert in Hawaii. Could be a true story, but I always had my doubts.


  • LDH

    Once when I was about 11 or 12, my dad bought all three of us kids candy bars at the local CVS pharmacy.

    I was the only one who chose "starburst" --they all three chose nestle crunch (including my dad.)

    I don't know what posessed him to read the ingredients but as they all sat there happily munching their candy bars, my dad saw that it contained "LECITHIN" and both of my siblings plus my father threw his in the garbage in disgust and then they went home and swished with mouthwash.



    Starburst Class

  • darcy

    my aunt was a favorite flogging block for a long time. they said she had her name tattooed on the chair in back.

    She was told it was immoral to go bare legged at the meetings or in service, and that she should wear hose.

  • daniel-p

    One time there was this older black gentleman giving the talk - I forget what about, hell I never remember even ten minutes after the meeting - but anyway at one point he started talking about husbands and wives and how when her "red wagon" comes in the night its time for the husband to keep his distance. All the kids - and adults too - were like "WTF!?"

  • under_believer

    Total hearsay - I heard a story one time about a brother who was a visiting speaker in a kingdom hall, and his talk was about marriage. It included much semi-graphic sexual talk. At one point he uttered the words "brothers and sisters, it's time for you all to put your legs together and just talk to each other!" Supposedly (so the story goes) the chairman actually walked up onto the stage and stood behind him, tapped him on the shoulder, and escorted him off the stage in the middle of his talk. I guess it was excrutiatingly awkward for everyone there.
    True story - an old school elder in our hall in the 90's tried pulling out that "sisters should ALWAYS WEAR HOSE" thing. All the pioneer sisters just shrugged at him and continued going bare legged. Nobody was dismissed. :)

  • mkr32208
    If a your woman dresses provocatively and gets raped, so be it because SHE ASKED FOR IT! (Syracuse NY)

    Do you remember when this was? That sounded SO familier!

  • sandy


    That story is priceless!!! LMAO!!! That is sooo funny.

    It sounds like an assumption my paranoid sister would make. LOL

  • Swan

    It was actually at a circuit assembly. "Sisters shouldn't wear dark colored stockings because that's what prostitutes wear!"

    I was gob-smacked!

    There was also the admonition in our local hall that the congregation wasn't to be shunning our local child molester, because he had been only publicly reproved! Gee, maybe we should have been visiting him in the jail where he was serving his sentence on the weekends also?

    Absolutely unbelievable.


  • people pleaser
    people pleaser

    An Elder once gave a talk at our Hall and said that in the new order we might even live on the moon..THE MOON!!! For 35 years I've been told we are going to live on a earthly paradise and this guy says we could live on the moon. YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS MAN!!!


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