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  • MidwichCuckoo
    How can there be blood in marshmallows.

    I have NO clue Loosie - scary isn't it? Lol.

    perhaps the blood circulation doesnt work at the front then Mid

    Nelly - his reasoning was that kosher has throat slit - so blood from hindquarters congeales before it can be expelled, therefore remaining in the beast.

    When you think about it, that's a silly argument - here's an elder saying that blood is congealed in a ('correctly') slaughtered animal

  • nelly136

    ya it just confused the hell out of me a a kid.

    the kosher thing is soo much more complex than just the bloodless meat , but as blood was the big issue as a dub to the point of panicking over a derivative you'd think theyd be a bit more fussy about the red stuff oozing out of their sunday joints

  • moanzy

    When my sister (elder wife) told me my kids didn't have as much chance of being in the truth as kids that have a father who is a witness.

    At the time it really upset me, but now I think thank God I didn't marry a witness!!!!!


  • Stephanus
    A point he made was that wives should iron dusters of cleaning cloths, cos he said there was nothing nicer for a husband to wipe his dirty oily hands on a ironed cloth,,,,,,WTF..........I nearly walked out. then he went on to ask if Jesus paid you a visit and looked in your cupboard under the sink, what would he see...........................

    He might read the story of Mary and Martha - how Jesus was too worried about his own job, teaching, to worr about how well others were doing there's. In fact He COMMENDED Mary for taking a break from housework while He was there.

  • hartstrings

    At a CA in St. Cloud, MN, the DO told an "atrocious" story of how a family had a party for young children from the hall that had a cake and balloons and gifts for each child. What kind of message did that send to the neighbors when they heard the children laughing and saw them leaving with gifts in their hands? How were they any different from their worldly neighbors who celebrate birthdays. What kind of lesson are we teaching our children in being seperate?

    I was pg with my first child at the time and was a strongly entrenched JW, I remember feeling this feeling of sadness rush over me for my future children's happiness and a mourning for my lost childhood.


  • BizzyBee
    How can there be blood in marshmallows.

    Marshmallows are made of egg whites. Occasionally there is a speck of blood in eggs. By this reasoning JWs shouldn't eat anything with eggs as an ingredient.

    That's going a bit too far, methinks.

  • greendawn

    They once said that during an earthquake in Italy the JWs at a meeting were inspired to stay put, and when it finished and they went out all the buildings were demolished around the KH which remained intact. Their lives were saved. I heard an elder say later that this story was most likely made up.

  • Brigid

    Too many to count, really. One sister was convinced that the dinosaurs were a lie told by evolutionists to draw people away from the "Truth".....uh.....yea.

    Sad, but what more can be expected from people admonished not to have any independent thinking, not obtain any higher education than is absolutely proscribed by law, and not to read (remember, the reading of many books is "foolishness"....)


  • Brigid

    I just remembered another one! An elder at a "get together" with two very faithful, upright pioneer sisters from Puerto Rico and he starts talking about stuff like "it's a matter of fact" that latino sisters dress more suggestively---TO THEM!! I was so embarassed for them. If I was the person I am today back then, I would have stopped the conversation right there and told him off.

    Instead, we all 3 just sat there taking his every elder word as gospel--because if an elder says it, must be true!



  • liquidsky

    This wasn't said at the Kingdom Hall, but came out of my JW sister's mouth. A few years ago, a young couple who had just started studying with the JW's was shot to death one night in their car as they were stopped at an intersection. I was talking about it with my sisterand she says, "You know, thier actually better off now. At least now the have a chance of being resurrected. If they were still alive and just studying, they would have destroyed at armageddon because they weren't babtised." I was floored. That was the most cruel and heartltess thing I've ever heard someone say.

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