My Questions about the US.

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  • ballistic

    Well thanks everyone for all the advice. I don't know how on earth I'm going to fit anything else in, but it's not too late for me to change anything if I've missed anything important ... I just designed this because they are places I've heard of from England.

    This is how it stands roughly at the moment...

    Arrive JFK Airport New York. 5 days in New York. Drive north for 2 days (travel agency want me to fly) to see Niagra and stay over weekend in Toronto. End up in Buffalo.

    Fly Buffalo to Miami, pick another car up, and follow 10 day pre prepared tour round Florida inc. the everglades and beach resorts.

    Fly to Dallas day before apostfest. Pick up another car. Can stay in Dallas up to 5 days.

    Allowed 3 day drive to The Grand Canyon. 1 nights stay and then no hotels booked for the 3 weeks remaining to cover Las Vegas, San Francisco and LA and somwwhere in there a beer at Gumby's all at my own pace.

  • detective
    I have only ever seen one roundabout, in all my journeying - probably for the best, as they confuse the natives

    We call 'em rotaries and they are very, very common in the Northeast. I don't find them confusing at all. Just like most Boston drivers, I close my eyes, hit the gas pedal and go- pretty the way it's done around these parts.

    Ballistic, Boston streets are notoriously poorly marked, narrow, overcrowded and occasionally hostile. I never thought I'd say something like this- but you may be safer in New York.

    But at least you can pass on the right in massachusetts!

  • ballistic
    Boston streets are notoriously poorly marked, narrow, overcrowded and occasionally hostile.

    Hey, do you mean the people are hostile or the cars!!! I am thinking about crossing the desert in my car, and I'm trying to get 35 years of American movie brainwashing out of my head that if I walk into a bar in the desert, about 50 bikers will all go quiet and one will step up and tell me "we don't take kindly to strangers around here". hehe

  • luna2

    I've driven quite a few cities, ballistic, and Boston is my least favorite. Tiny, twisty streets that go round and round. LOL I'm always surprised I end up where I want to be when I go up there.

    I've driven the desert too. Our van started overheating so we had to drive with the heat on. That was some fun, I'll tell ya. My husband blamed it all on me too. I had requested that we go to Sequoia National Park (you know, the giant redwoods). He thought Joshua Tree National Monument would be just as cool. Uh...No. Those are giant cacti, babe. Somewhat different from giant redwoods. But it was still my fault because in his mind one national park is the same as the next national park. ::sigh:: Dumbass. Didn't run into any bikers that I recall, although Stupid-head did pick up a couple of hitchhikers.

  • ballistic

    Where's Sequoia National Park Luna?

    Ar, other American movie cliches... driving along a road and there are "road closed" signs which if you ignore the road sort of goes over a cliff!!! And... oh yes, ghostly gas tankers with no driver that chases you up and down the state turning you into a nervous wreck.

  • Warlock

    Just remember, if you get out to Los Angeles, EVERY LANE on the freeway is the fast lane.


  • luna2
    Where's Sequoia National Park Luna?

    Its in central CA someplace.

    Here's a link, b:

  • M.J.

    Sounds good, but that drive from Dallas to the GC sounds torturous, if you ask me! That's about 1695 Kilometers.

    I suppose you Europeans are fascinated with seeing miles and miles of nothingness though. And of course you'll Hit I-40 at Amarillo which tracks old Route 66 all the way to Williams, AZ, if that floats your boat. I personally would reccommend, however, a side trip north of that through the 4 corners region, checking out Mesa Verde National Park, Durango, CO, Monument Valley, Natural bridges, San Juan "goosenecks", etc.

  • ballistic
    That's about 1695 Kilometers.

    I've seen some pictures and think it may be an experience. Any speed traps? The limits are 70 mph here in the UK but in practice everyone drives around 80 - 90 mph.

    I suppose you Europeans are fascinated with seeing miles and miles of nothingness though.

    try anything once.

    you'll Hit I-40 at Amarillo
    Have you guys heard the song "Road to Amarillo"? hehe
  • RubaDub


    Maybe you won't appreciate it from our perspective, but the toilet paper here is far better than the stuff used in the UK.

    I remember in London reading on the wrapper that it is "medicated." I kept wondering if there was a presumption that my butt had a disease.

    The toilet paper in London was like waxed paper, not like soft tissue as it is here in the USA/Canada. It just seemed that I was doing a lot of work using something that felt like waxed paper. Not to be gross, but it was like trying to clean Crisco off of a teflon pan.

    Anyway, have a great trip!!!!! And you may want to take a case of Charmin home with you.

    Rub a Dub

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