Well, I got the dreaded call from the elder's tonight....

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  • Jim_TX

    Been there... done that... got the t-shirt. With me, it was a couple of years ago after I got divorced from the wifey. [Phone rings] I look at the caller-id, and don't recognize the caller. [Me] "Hello?" [Him] "Hi Mr. Jackson. This is Brother xxx. I would like to know if you're still interested in being a Jehovah's Witness." (I haven't been to a meeting in almost 20 years.) [Me]"Well..." ...then I remember the 'two witness' rule... "Have you got someone on the other line?" [Him]"Well, no. But Brother yyy is listening in on the extension." [Me]"That's what I thought. Good day." [Click] Never heard back from those folks. Don't know what they did... but I suspect the ex-wifey was wanting to get re-married, and they were trying to 'clear' it for her... or something. Weird group of people. Regards, Jim TX

  • bikerchic
    Me; Not interested.

    Bruce; [as I hang up the phone I hear him saying] Not interested? Well, could we......


  • LDH

    I guess all of the "Objection Stoppers" in the Reasoning book didn't do a damn bit of good. LOL!!!

  • bebu

    Wow, excellent job of squashing the inquiry. Very impressive!

    ...Makes me sad--and angry-- to hear how miserably they treated you, though.


  • Ténébreux
    Deal with them the same way as you'd deal with a telemarketer calling your home trying to sell you insurance.

    "Sure Bruce, I agree we really do need to talk. Oh wait, can you hold on just a minute, I need to go get a pen. Thanks, I'll just be a sec..."

    ...and then go off to play another 18 holes.

  • Gill

    AK - Jeff - You handled that really well!! I must remember and remind my husband about the 2 witness rule thing, and that there tends to be someone on the other line, listening in though. Thanks!

  • sass_my_frass

    'just a minute while I call turn on the tape recorder and conference call my lawyer...'

    Sorry man, that sucks. Still, now you know where you're at. You should also consider the possibility that they have two witnesses against you on some lame thing already, and they will consider that call enough proof that you didn't agree to meet with them, they run the JC without you, and you're given the boot. That's a worst case scenario, and I'm only suggesting it because I've had a vino. That is, I'm only suggesting it's the worst case scenario because it isn't very good vino.... in reality you might realise that it's the best thing to happen to you for years. If any of my JC elders ever repented from their silly cult and asked for forgiveness for disfellowshipping me, I'd thank them for the freedom I discovered once they decided not to show me mercy and threw me out into the big bad world.

    But back to you. Okay I've forgotten what happened. Right. Sorry about that call, it must have shaken you up. It's important that you now go and do something fun. More golf, stat!

  • blondie

    Well, Jeff, if they feel they have 2 credible witnesses to some DFing offense, they can proceed without you. Do you still have my e-mail? Let me know.


  • mrsjones5

    Good grief!

    You handled it well Jeff.


  • ButtLight

    I have you beat jeff, took them 5 years to call on me!!!!!!

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