Well, I got the dreaded call from the elder's tonight....

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  • blondie

    We have caller ID, if we don't recognize it, it goes into the answering machine. And if they call us from the phone of someone we associate with......end of that relationship.


  • cruzanheart

    There's never an air horn nearby when you need it.


  • wasted-youth

    I didn't get any of this when I left back in the early 80s. I had even forgotten about the silly '2 witness' rule. Wish i could forget the rest of the rubbish they spouted! I celbrated Xmas and my birthday within 3 months of leaving, never spoke ot any of them agin, except incidental 'Hi's' in the street. Was I unlucky? Anyway - sure you did the right thing, although I do love the idea of saying hang on, making a coffee, doing a crossword etc. Good idea! ;-)

  • xjwms


    not sure if I could hang up like that........but, ... you have me thinking about that.....if I should get a call.

    With my caller ID and the phone manager service I have it would go to the answer machine.

    However, I better not get the third degree at the memorial next week....I hate even thinking about it.

  • undercover
    However, I better not get the third degree at the memorial next week....I hate even thinking about it.

    It's been my experience that at the memorial they don't go to extremes to try to interogate or question inactive ones who attend. A couple of reasons; one, they're pretty busy getting ready with the cheap wine and crackers and setting up for a larger than normal crowd and two, they want to put on a good show for the non-JW crowd in attendance, so they'll all act happy and nice, even to someone they would love to drag into the back room and mentally torture.

  • greendawn

    You 've done well Jeff that is hypocritical when you are in need they don't care and when they want to get something out of you then they show interest and call you. To get you back to work for the WTS for nothing or perhaps to entrap you as an apostate.

  • brooklynNY

    While we are on the topic of elder calling:

    I received a letter yesterday from the

    I’m still shunned by the member of the congregation even though I’m not disfellowshiped . If they miss me so much they should say something when they see me in the neighborhood. I love to see the expression on there faces when I run into one of them and try to start a conversation, they look like they a ghost and practically run away.

    I think I will write them back in a sincere way that I’m confused about a few things; Generation change, blood issue and the U.N. issue among other things. I’m sure it will be another few years before I get an answer.

  • Forscher

    My wife bumped into the PO of our last Congo while she was shopping. He told her that the CO was visiting and they'd like to stop by on a particular evening. My wife conveniently forgot to tell him we'd moved.

  • freedomlover

    I was thinking about this very situation this week, and thinking how angry I would get if they start calling after a long period of time passes. It's so obvious they are only calling to "catch you" so they can get rid of you.

    You gave them as much respect as they deserved.....IMO.

  • KW13

    Sad how they do things, all trickery.

    well done for getting out

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