Why shouldn't I be a JW?

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  • bebu

    Hi Airduster,

    Check out www.reexamine.org for a good pick of things. Then come back here and share your thoughts.


    PS: Welcome to the forum!! edited to add: http://www.watchtower.cc is another great website--as is www.freeminds.org.

  • Frog

    Naturally I’m all for supporting those who wish to leave the WT org, but I don’t necessarily think that it should be up to us to necessarily prove to you why you should. It’s your responsibility to continue re-evaluating what it is you base your JW faith in, and to continually re-educate with new information that comes along on a matter that is having a profound effect on your life.

    Having said that though these are the key issues imo…

    Who really is the faithful and discreet slave who the master has appointed over his domestics? A very ambiguous and vague turn-of-phrase that appears only once in the bible. I put it to you that this is just as stated merely a turn of phrase. There is nothing to back up the WT’s interpretation of this representing a small body of men who have an intense effect on the lives of the WT followers.

    The WT also heavily criticises the Catholic Church for it’s putting the Pope between them and their god. I have to ask how it is that this is any different from the WT putting the GB between them and Jehovah? Witnesses are told that they can not reach Jehovah except through them. If they attempt to they are labelled as “apostates”, which means “leaving god”…there is no allowance by them for remaining with god, but not mediated through them.

    Then there’s the UN issue, which us “apostates” have gotten plenty of easy mileage out of. The WT has shown immense contradiction and double-standards in their policy to secretly become a member of the UN for a decade up until 2001. In doing so they agreed to support and promote the charter of the UN for kickbacks that helped advance their own work. This all despite the fact that many thousands of Malawians were raped and murdered for holding political party cards, which they were instructed not to hold by the WT, even though they were more or less the equivalent of a passport. Following a leak of this huge contradiction the WT withdrew its membership from the organisation that they preach represents the wild beast in the book of Revelation that will destroy the harlot of false religion and persecute Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  • osmosis

    I'm atheist, and I don't believe ANY religion, to me they're all equally bogus as far as "truth" is concerned.

    However, as one who has close contact with JWs, I know they are among the worst, socially and religiously speaking. They are a group of people who get "certainty" from their faith, not "happiness". To achieve "certainty", you have to have a bunch of rules and things you must not do, to convince yourself that you are doing "what is right". A true JW leads a very servile and pitiful existence, going door-to-door and preaching to people, trying to unload the watchtowers, actively blocking out ideas from non-believers, turning their back on the world.

    And there's the whole literalism thing. A JW believes the strangest and most unbelievable parts of the bible to be LITERALLY true. To reconcile this literalism with the odd, fantastical and self-contradictory nature of the bible, they have an amazingly rhobust system of excuses that supposedly ties it all together and makes it "make sense", but it still doesn't make any sense. and then there are certain realities that creep in over time, which is why their doctrine changes so often. They have a bullshit euphemism for this rapidly changing doctrine, they call it "new light" as if god has thrown them a bone of wisdom.

    And then there's the fact that you, your children and/or other loved ones will likely suffer negative consequences. They might insist that you stop associating with non-JW family and friends. Your kids could be SEVERELY screwed up from this particularly malignant kind of brainwashing. You might die from refusing a blood transfusion. This could happen the very day before they get some "new light" and decide it's no longer wrong to receive one.

    And, quite frankly, by the best definitions of the word, it is, in fact, a cult. There IS cult mind control in both their social behavior and their doctrine, which you MUST swallow completely to become one of them.

    If you must join a religion, I highly recommend you look elsewhere.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Two things,

    First: Jesus said that his people would be known for thier love among themselves. I have found that all love there is conditional. How many magazines did you place this month? How many meetings did you attend? How many times did you coment? "My, my, thats a strange haircut you have Brother Evileanings."

    Second: The Faithful and Discrete Slave was supposedly chosen in 1919 for providing proper food in due season. Look at what they were teaching and tell me that they really qualify as worshiping in spirit and in truth? They taught the end of the world in 1914. They taught that he was present in 1874. They taught that Russell was the 7th messenger of Revelation and that he was guiding the preaching work from heaven.

    Look for the links on threads here, its all there. I'm sure Blondie could provide you with all you need. Check out her post history, or some of the other heavyweights on the board.

    I'm just a looker and a sometime ranter.


  • Clam

    Hi there AirDuster and welcome.

    I would receommend that you go to amazon.com today and order a copy of Crisis of Conscience by Raymond Franz. It's why one of the Governing Body just had to leave the JWs if you're not familair with it. I've got scores of reasons why I left. I've seen twin babies left without their Mum due to the nonsensical, evil and non scriptural blood directive, I've heard of child abuse covered up by elders, I've seen a good friend and a good guy disfellowshipped and his family break their hearts due to having to shun him, I'm still seeing family members go to the Hall like robots every week following the perpetually ludicrous and contradictory words of the Watchtower, which is peddled by an obscenely wealthy publishing company. I could go on and on but I wont, LOL. Just read the book bro and be open minded. They havent got the truth. The truth is in you waiting to be discovered.

  • greendawn

    The JWs are for ever changing their concept of the truth by changing their dogmas what was the truth yesterday becomes a lie today. The obvious conclusion to be drawn is that they don't have the real truth because that is eternally unchanged.

    One can understand the need for minor adjustments here and there in the understanding of imperfect humans regarding religious concepts but the JWs are changing their ideology way beyond what is reasonable eg most of the things that Rutherford wrote between 1916 and 1942 are now considered unacceptable as truthful light.

  • SickofLies
  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll


    The New World Translation is a crock of shit as far as RELIABLE Bible translations go.

    The group of men tasked with translating the ancient Greek / Hebrew scripture into modern day English didn't hold any qualifications to do so. In a court case in the 1950's one of the translators was asked to translate something from English into ancient Hebrew and yet didn't have a clue how to do it. So much for his expertise in ancient Hebrew.

    The Founder of the WTBTS Mr Russell was a convicted conman, a crook. He would convince farmers that grain he was selling was "Miracle Wheat" having been blessed by god. In court he was shown up to be a liar and a cheat and Wheat was nothing but normal wheat. What did Jesus say about bad vines and the fruit they produce? Would Jehovah god REALLY use a man like that to deliver the truth to the world?

  • EAGLE-1

    Go ahead and try it out .See you in a couple of years .Why ask us anyway ? You can read the posts.Jeez . By the way welcome to the board.

  • jwfacts

    Hi AirDuster,

    What would you say if a Mormon asked you that question about their religion, or a Bahai, or Catholic? Would you answer it by doctrine, or their practices or what? To think that a religion is uniquely true ignores that so many other people are also searching for truth.

    I left because it is not the truth. The doctrine is very second rate and really does not hold water in many areas. The total mind control is quite shocking. The Watchtower is filled with misquotes, why does it have to be dishonest? And being told that you have to live every day for the WTS, no planning for the future because the end is probably tommorrow is very irresponsible. But what offends me most now is the bigotted attitude they have for anyone not a JW. Why base your life on a lie?

    I did a lot of research and have written some of the things that concern me at www.jwfacts.com

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