Why shouldn't I be a JW?

by AirDuster 61 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • AirDuster

    Thanks everyone for the great responses. I know I seem lazy, but I have been doing my own research too. I'll probably post up some specific issues or questions in the near future. Thanks again everyone!

  • looking_glass

    Good for you Airduster. You should be commended for doing your own research. As much as many of us on this board may want to disclaim having an agenda, we all do, that is why we are here. Also, you should never look at something in parts, because that never tells the whole story. You need to read an entire article or an entire book.

    And as someone who studied theology, my suggestion to you is read EVERYTHING you can get your hands on. Not just stuff about JWs but about all religions, their origins, their ultimate paths. It might surprise you to see how JWs are really not that different from other religions out there struggling with their identity.

    As I am sure many people here recognize that it is easy to be misquoted or misunderstood that is why people should review ALL the facts. Ultimately, YOU rise and fall on your own merits. The only thing we can do is support you in whatever decision you decide to make. Good luck in your search for "truth".

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