Why shouldn't I be a JW?

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  • AirDuster

    Hi, I am brand new to these forums. I have been reading some stuff for a while from here and other websites. I feels totally crazy being a member now. Anyway, I was going to ask if you guys could list some compelling reasons backed by evidence as to why I should no longer be a JW. It seems that there is just so much stuff out there either for or against certain issues, and it would be nice to have all of your views consolidated into one thread. Please no mindless bullshit like "TEHY R TEH CULT!11!!!!" or "OMFG THEY R JUST CUNTROLLING J000!" or anything like that. Just evidence and hard fact. Thanks for those who respond! I really need as much help as possible, and unless someone offeres me some compelling reasons, who knows how long I'll stay n limbo.

  • nicolaou

    Welcome to the forum AirDuster.

    My reasons for leaving were doctrinal. Research showed me that it simply wasn't 'the Truth'. Everyone here will be willing to share what they've learned but I get the impression you just want it all handed to you on a plate. It doesn't work that way.

    Do you have any specific questions?

  • MinisterAmos

    Are you anxiously waiting for Jehovah to violently and painfully kill 99.99% (6.5 Billion minus 6 million Dubs) of the world's population because they "deserve" it; even the small children?

    If not, then you are in the wrong group. Everything the Dubs do is geared towards this ocurring as soon as possible.

    It is the only way their existance will be justified.

  • misspeaches

    Welcome Airduster

    For a religon that claims to have the truth they have changed their core doctrines to many times. Things like saying that Jerusalem was destroyed in 607BCE instead of the real year 587BCE has major impact on their doctrines. So much is based upon this. Its meant to bring them to 1914 when Jesus was enthroned as king. Then 1918... etc etc... Its never ending.

    I can't be part of a religon that claims to have the truth and quite misleads its followers with lies.

  • unclebruce

    G'day AirDuster,

    Well maybe you should be a JW. I have no problem with certain people becomming JW's. For example I think we may have been better off if Mussolini & Hitler had fallen under Judge Rutherfords spell.

    For some people being a JW is just the ticket - there is nothing like a "new personality™" overlayer to suppress a madmans urge to take out a mall full of sunday morning bargain hunters.

    Ok so much for the possible societal advantages to you becoming a JW. We'd need to weigh that against the fact that you'd be knocking on our doors every chance you get and possibly one day try to marry one of our sweet 'worldly™' daughters

    community minded unclebruce

  • theinfamousone

    mybe you will clasify this as the bullshit, and you probably will... but heres my honest opinion, aside from their doctrinal standpoints, aside from their ridiculous rules that are definitely not from the bible, aside from 1914, 1925, 1975 and god knows how many other times they said the world would end, aside from the miracle wheat scandal... one only needs to look to the elders in the congregation fornicating, the regular pioneers having sex with each other, the sheer hypocrisy of the elders wives who pretend they are high and mighty, but will do nothing but gossip, and for the several beatings most children in that cult suffer... these are the basest of reasons that i left... i could not stand the lies, the bullshit and the games they played... they are the ones bullshitting, not me...

    the infamous one

    PS. welcome to the forum, its the first step in the right direction

  • MinisterAmos

    Backing up the hottie I'd suggest you grab a pre-Sept 1995 Watchtower and compare the "mission statement" in the beginning to one from December, 1995.

    Then look for an explanation for the change in that series of magazines.

    If that isn't enough, then you're not ready to leave.

  • beachbugg

    Follow your conscience.

    When I truly left, it had nothing to do with hard facts...that came later...it had EVERYTHING to do with my heart. If your heart tells you to stay then stay, but there must be a reason that you are here and questioning your belief.

    My dad is a devout JW and I fault him nothing for that. He is not hypocrytical and he believes in it with his whole being. (bless his heart)

    My conscience (which I was always taught to follow) would not allow me to be a part of something that caused so many GOOD people so much pain and heartache...point blank.

  • unclebruce
    Follow your conscience.

    Je-sus beachbug,

    Didn't you pay attention at meetings™? - that's only if it's a 'theocratically trained watchtower conscience™' not one of them cheap dodgy walt disney jiminy cricket consciences! lol .. trusting your own inate wisdom .. whatever next

  • beachbugg

    lol Uncle....I'm a cheesy Walt Disney type of gal..my heart leads me.

    I don't need to know the facts of why it's wrong to drown puppies....my "conscience" tells me it's better to kiss 'em.

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